AI Machine Modeled Tone Model cloud and sharing community

IK’s online tone-sharing and social platform ToneNET now includes a dedicated TONEX section for browsing, downloading and sharing TONEX Tone Models and presets. You can demo and download TONEX Tone Models from ToneNET right inside your TONEX software or app. Plus new Tone Models from IK and the TONEX community are continuously posted and available in real time, for a limitless, growing repository of the best tones.

Whether you’re using TONEX standalone, plug-in or app, you can connect instantly to ToneNET and explore the latest Tone Models without breaking your creative workflow.

Dreams do come true

Get access to thousands of sought-after and one-of-a-kind amps, combos, cabs and pedals. Build your dream rig and find gear you thought you would never play. ToneNET makes your gear dreams come true.

ToneNET/TONEX web browser

You can also use a regular online browser to surf thousands of Tone Models and select ones to try by liking them, which automatically show up for instant download in your TONEX software and TONEX App. Discover and hear new tones from any browser. ToneNET makes it easy to stay inspired and feed your creativity anytime.

How to get started

To join ToneNET you just need an  IK account. You don’t need TONEX software to create a profile or to connect with others on ToneNET. However, you will need TONEX for Mac/PC or TONEX App to download and upload Tone Models and presets. 

To create your brand new ToneNET profile, simply follow the wizard steps by clicking the button below. SIGN-UP