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For Sound And Music customer or dealers with a warranty claim, please complete the form below.

Terms and Conditions of Return Authority:

  • After your RA Request has been accepted by Sound And Music, an RA number will be issued authorising you to return your items.
  • Sound And Music is not responsible for any damage or loss to your item/s sustained during transportation to Sound And Music.
  • Please safely pack all items appropriately before return.

    Dealer Return Authority (RA) Request Form

    If you are a dealer and have to resolve a customer's Warranty Claim, this is the correct form to complete to begin the process. All fields labelled with an asterisk (*) are required information - it will not be possible to submit your RA Request without completing all required fields. Once we receive your claim, within one to two business days, you will be issued an RA Number via email and a PDF job ticket to print and attach to the returned package.

    If you are a customer who has encountered a faulty product from an Australian dealer and needs to submit a warranty claim, please get in touch with your dealer, and they will submit a claim on your behalf and curate the process.

    If you are a customer who has encountered a faulty product purchased from a dealer outside of Australia and needs to submit a warranty claim, please get in touch with the dealer in the country you purchased the product.


    Store Name: *

    Store Branch:


    Staff Member Name: *

    Staff Member Email: *

    Claim Details

    Your Reference Number:

    Request type (select from Drop-down list):

    Product Owner (select from Drop-down list):

    Logistics Method (select from Drop-down list):


    Brand: *

    Model/SKU: *

    Serial Number (if the product does not have a serial number, write "unserialised"): *

    Date of Purchase: *

    Dealer Sales Receipt Number: *

    Upload Sales Receipt (PDF or scan/photo): *

    Supplied on Sound And Music Invoice Number:


    Fault Description: *

    Upload Supporting Files

    If your customer has provided photos, videos, recordings or fault report documentation as files, you can upload them here.

    NOTE: a 7Mb limit applies to each upload. Suppose the customer has provided files that exceed the file size limit. In that case, we'd recommend uploading these to a file share service (e.g. FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or similar), including the file share links below.

    Links to File Shares or YouTube/Vimeo videos showing behaviour

    If your customer has provided videos, photos or recordings demonstrating the fault, add these links here. If your customer's files exceed our upload limits and you've uploaded them to a file share service, you can use these fields to provide links to the file shares.


    If your customer will be sending the faulty item back to Sound And Music directly so that we have a record of the correct address to send the repaired/replacement item back to, it is essential to ensure the following details are accurate.

    If there are issues with replicating the fault once the product is returned, we may contact your customer for additional information. These details are not retained for the sake of marketing activities.

    NOTE: If your store has already exchanged the item for the customer using stock on hand, write 'Shop Stock' as the Customer Name.





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