April 19, 2023

Microphone Care

We’ve been receiving a lot of enquiries from customers about their condenser microphones getting muffly or distorted, or making humming noises after four or five years of use, and in most cases this is because of environmental conditions polluting the capsule: too much moisture, sea air, smoke, etc.

The main trick is how you store it when you’re not using it!

How should I store my microphone?

We generally recommend keeping your microphone in its case or original packaging when it is not in use for more than a few hours. If your studio is very clean and safe, it could be OK to leave out on its mic stand when not in use, but if a mic is out of its case, it could potentially be exposed to dust, smoke, moisture, or humidity – which can damage the sensitive parts of the mic – so we recommend avoiding those things at all cost.

How do I clean a microphone that has been effected by spillage and dirt?

If your microphone has come in contact with dirt or another removable substance, we recommend cleaning it with a very soft, slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not open the microphone up to clean the inside, and make sure you NEVER touch the capsule itself. Cleaning a capsule should only be done by highly trained professionals in a “clean room” environment. If you suspect your capsule needs to be cleaned, please contact info@sound-music.com so we can recommend an authorised local technician.

These tips are from our friends at sE Electronics

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