SampleTank 4 MAX wins Performance Award from Computer Music

“Bursting with great sounds”

Computer Music and MusicRadar have taken an in-depth look at SampleTank 4 MAX and absolutely loved the updated interface, expressive instruments and the excellent effects section and were so impressed that their final verdict awarded it a 9/10 score plus the prestigious Performance Award.

Here are some of their key comments:

“SampleTank 4 makes an immediate good impression with its redesigned, resizeable, Retina/Hi DPI compatible GUI – the whole thing looks fabulous.”

“This venerable ROMpler is looking and sounding better than ever.”

“The workflow throughout has been enhanced in terms of logical layout and general ease of access.”

“In the processing and mixing departments,13 new effects have been added, bringing the total to 7O. They’re all built on lK’s proven T-RackS and AmpliTube technology and thus sound superb.”

“SampleTank 4 feels so much more fluid, capable and contemporary in its design than v3 that it would be worth upgrading just for the new UI, Modulation Matrix and Player modules alone –  particularly the Strummer.”

“That extraordinary sound library brings incredible sonic range to the package, too, surely qualifying it as the most expansive ROMpler ever made. Immense!”

“Recorded at numerous studios around the world, as well as IK’s new faclility in Modena, the SampleTank 4 library prioritises the depth of its headline instruments as much as it does the sheer volume of its sounds. The new Yamaha C7 grand piano, with its multiple mic setups and treatments, is absolutely beautiful.”

Computer Music’s final verdict is:
“SampleTank hits a new level of refinement and versatility with its cavernous soundbank and supercharged interface.”

Key Plusses:+ Bursting with great sounds
+ Much better interface than V3
+ Acoustic and electric instruments are amazingly expressive
+ Excellent effects
+ Arpeggiator and strummer modules

SampleTank 4 MAX wins a 9/10 score and Computer Music’s Performance Award

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