May 2, 2024

It’s all about the camera angle (and a few other things)

The DynaCaster microphones allow for obstruction-free camera angles by eliminating the need for an external shockmount & pop filter – they are smaller and more unobtrusive than other brands of broadcast-style microphones, so making videos will feature the person speaking rather than their audio equipment.

Another important factor in microphone choice is the matter of how close the microphone needs to be to pick up the speaker’s voice – the DCM8 features a boost button (for 30dB of Dynamite boost), based on the popular DM1 Dynamite in-line booster, to improve the pickup quality from further away, once again clearing the space in front of the speaker for better video opportunities. Plus the recessed EQ switches give you the ability to tailor the sound to suit anyone’s voice.

Brianna from Bamby Media talks about the DCM8 for podcasting and vocals

Immediate plosive protection against the most powerful of wind blasts thanks to an integrated 3-layer pop filter. Easily disassembled and sanitised, the DCM8 has quick-drying components that don’t soak up liquid. Experience a clean, germ-free studio environment and obstruction-free camera angles since there is no need for a bulky external shockmount or pop filter.

Finally, the cost factor – competitor’s microphones are more expensive, and most need an external booster, such as sE’s own DM1 Dynamite or DM2 TNT in-line preamplifiers, making them even more costly.

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