May 3, 2024

Z-Tone: IK’s secret weapon for your guitar tone

The Z-Tone technology can be found in the Axe I/O range of interfaces, including the original Axe I/O, the Axe I/O Solo and the Axe I/O One, plus the Z-Tone Buffer Boost Preamp/DI pedal, and the Z-Tone DI. Yes, a DI box that has tone shaping for your guitar.

The Z-TONE™ circuit lets you dial in impedance from 1 MOhm (“sharp”) down to 2.2 kOhms (“bold”) that interacts with your pick-ups.

At the maximum impedance, you’ll find your sound tighter, sharper and more precise. Increase the load and the sound becomes more thick and bold.

You’ll quickly find yourself using this to give your guitars even more sonic character – with just a few minutes’ experimentation you can dial in a sound that fits the mix beautifully, as if it’s been EQ’d.

Pick your pickup:

PASSIVE: designed to accommodate everything from low-output vintage pickups to hotter modern humbuckers with ultra-low noise and extended frequency response.

ACTIVE: bypasses unnecessary gain stages when using active pick-ups, to keep your signal path as direct, transparent and clean as possible.

Choose your channel:

PURE: a completely transparent and ultra-accurate preamp circuit that won’t colour your sound in any way.

JFET: a Class A JFET input buffer for subtle harmonic enhancement, midrange focus and warmth. A slight midrange focus adds warmth, giving you more tonal options from the same instrument.

  • PURE and JFET input stages go instantly from modern to vintage tones
  • ACTIVE/PASSIVE pickup selector optimises the signal flow from the start

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost is the ideal first pedal in your guitar pedalboard chain. It buffers your guitar signal to drive pedals and amps with the best integrity and purity of tone. Z-TONE control will open a new palette of tones from your guitar or bass and the boost switch will add that edge for solos–with maximum level and minimum possible noise.

AXE I/O ONE front panel controls, showing the Z-Tone functionality, meter and input selector.

March 4, 2024

A cost-effective way to record quality guitar at home

IK Multimedia’s Axe I/O One is a cost-effective solution for recording your axe at home! It works as a 24-bit/192 kHz audio interface, specifically designed to shape the tone of your guitar or bass, with the Z-Tone instrument input, allowing you to customise with an active or passive pickup sound, or change the input tone from tighter and sharper, to thicker and bolder, to record into your favourite DAW software.

IK have included AmpliTube 5 and ToneX software downloads for further processing and shaping of your sound, giving you a perfect platform for tracking your guitars over your band recordings.

The Axe I/O One features a microphone preamp with phantom power for recording vocals with your favourite condenser microphone, the instrument input with the Z-Tone processing mentioned above, balanced stereo outs for your active monitors (plus a headphone out for quiet recording), two pedal switch inputs for controlling volume, wah, and other software effects, and MIDI IN/OUT jacks for accessing your software with foot controllers or playing devices with MIDI DAW control.

There’s also an AMP Out for connecting your guitar amp, or for reamping your ‘dry’ recorded guitar tracks!

IK’s Axe I/O Oneeverything you need to record quality tracks at home (apart from a guitar and some talent)!

August 11, 2023

Unleash the Power of iOS

Your iPhone and iPad have access to some absolutely amazing synth apps, both FREE and paid, but playing and monitoring them is limited to touching the screen and plugging in headphones.

Apps from Moog, IK Multimedia, AudioKit, Igor Vasiliev, and many others, plus Apple’s GarageBand, Steinberg’s Cubasis LE and similar recording utilities, can be brought to life with the amazing iRig Keys I/O keyboards from IK Multimedia. With 25-key and 49-key options available, the iRig Keys I/O can be a backpack travel solution or a studio performer.

With the included stand and lightning cable, the iRig keys integrates your iOS music apps into a professional audio format, thanks to the built-in audio interface and stereo outputs. The USB cable provides connection to your computer. Recording vocals? There’s also a microphone preamp combo input with switchable 48V for phantom powering your favourite condenser microphone.

The included Syntronik Pro V on iPhone

To get you started right out of the box, the Keys I/O keyboards also include a collection of vocal, sample and instrument apps, plus Cubasis LE for iPhone/iPad, and a selection of plugins, plus Ableton Live Lite for Mac/PC.

The Keys I/O can be powered by batteries, USB or an optional PSU.



May 15, 2023

ToneX on the Go

TONEX offers the most hyper-realistic guitar and bass tones ever thanks to IK’s advanced AI Machine Modeling™. Feel the warmth and dynamic response of real amps and pedals right on your iPhone or iPad as never before.

Connect one of our mobile interfaces to practice and jam along with your favourite songs or record guitar and bass tracks with ease when inspiration strikes.

  • Play, practice and record anywhere with your TONEX Tone Models on iPhone and iPad
  • Standalone universal app and plug-in compatible with AUv3 host apps 
  • Enjoy the exact same tone and sound-shaping tools as on Mac/PC
  • Seamless integration – all your Premium Tone Models sync automatically on all your devices
  • Browse, search and download additional Tone Models from TONEX in ToneNET
  • Edit and save presets on your iPhone or iPad
  • Free to download with 20 premium must-have and 20 à-la-carte Tone Models
  • Connect to one of our iRig interfaces (iRig HD 2 , iRig 2 and the newly announced iRig HD X) for the ultimate mobile experience
Powerful tone shaping 

Tweak your tone to perfection using a built-in compressor, pre- and post-amp EQ, noise gate and a beautiful stereo reverb using IK’s latest, award-winning algorithms.

Built-in VIR™ cabinet technology lets you place and adjust microphones with stunning accuracy, and all your edits with TONEX can be saved as presets.

Get the app:

April 19, 2023

Microphone Care

We’ve been receiving a lot of enquiries from customers about their condenser microphones getting muffly or distorted, or making humming noises after four or five years of use, and in most cases this is because of environmental conditions polluting the capsule: too much moisture, sea air, smoke, etc.

The main trick is how you store it when you’re not using it!

How should I store my microphone?

We generally recommend keeping your microphone in its case or original packaging when it is not in use for more than a few hours. If your studio is very clean and safe, it could be OK to leave out on its mic stand when not in use, but if a mic is out of its case, it could potentially be exposed to dust, smoke, moisture, or humidity – which can damage the sensitive parts of the mic – so we recommend avoiding those things at all cost.

How do I clean a microphone that has been effected by spillage and dirt?

If your microphone has come in contact with dirt or another removable substance, we recommend cleaning it with a very soft, slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not open the microphone up to clean the inside, and make sure you NEVER touch the capsule itself. Cleaning a capsule should only be done by highly trained professionals in a “clean room” environment. If you suspect your capsule needs to be cleaned, please contact so we can recommend an authorised local technician.

These tips are from our friends at sE Electronics

February 20, 2023


AI Machine Modeled Tone Model cloud and sharing community

IK’s online tone-sharing and social platform ToneNET now includes a dedicated TONEX section for browsing, downloading and sharing TONEX Tone Models and presets. You can demo and download TONEX Tone Models from ToneNET right inside your TONEX software or app. Plus new Tone Models from IK and the TONEX community are continuously posted and available in real time, for a limitless, growing repository of the best tones.

Whether you’re using TONEX standalone, plug-in or app, you can connect instantly to ToneNET and explore the latest Tone Models without breaking your creative workflow.

Dreams do come true

Get access to thousands of sought-after and one-of-a-kind amps, combos, cabs and pedals. Build your dream rig and find gear you thought you would never play. ToneNET makes your gear dreams come true.

ToneNET/TONEX web browser

You can also use a regular online browser to surf thousands of Tone Models and select ones to try by liking them, which automatically show up for instant download in your TONEX software and TONEX App. Discover and hear new tones from any browser. ToneNET makes it easy to stay inspired and feed your creativity anytime.

How to get started

To join ToneNET you just need an  IK account. You don’t need TONEX software to create a profile or to connect with others on ToneNET. However, you will need TONEX for Mac/PC or TONEX App to download and upload Tone Models and presets. 

To create your brand new ToneNET profile, simply follow the wizard steps by clicking the button below. SIGN-UP

May 13, 2022

Pro Quattro I/O

Pro Quattro I/O Deluxe bundle with XY Mics, windsock & carrying case shown

Always be ready in the field!

Have you ever found yourself mid-session missing a key cable or connection? Or worrying before, during, or even after a shoot that your work could be compromised by technical issues?

iRig Pro Quattro I/O will put those concerns to rest forever. It’s a professional-grade 4-in / 2-out portable audio and MIDI interface packed with everything you need for pristine field recording, content creation, streaming, podcasting and performing. Handle anything life throws at you without breaking a sweat.

  • Professional mobile recording interface/mixer
  • For iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac/PC, standalone
  • 24-bit, 96 kHz operation
  • 4 x XLR / 1/4″ mic, guitar, line in with phantom power
  • 2 x RCA, 3.5 mm line in
  • Built-in microphone
  • 2 x balanced XLR outs
  • Headphone out with direct monitoring
  • Multitrack, stereo or mono operation
  • Standalone mixer mode
  • Built-in limiter & -12 dB safety mode
  • USB, 9VDC or battery power

Compact size, full stereo sound

The iRig Pro Quattro I/O will easily find a home in your camera bag or backpack. It comes with all you need to get started including a set of batteries, cables and camera stand adapter. Or choose the iRig Pro Quattro I/O Deluxe, which adds a pair of custom iRig XY mics for stunning stereo sound every time, without the bulk or expense of a larger mic setup. It also includes a windscreen, power supply unit and carrying case.

Rack and Roll

FREE MixBox for Mac/PC or iPad with select IK hardware from AUD $159.99

MixBox for Mac/PC or iPad is amazing with its 500-series style rack of effects and wealth of included presets. And now you can get either version for FREE!

Through January 31, 2022, grab any IK hardware from AUD $159.99,* register your purchase and then choose your version of MixBox (valued at up to AUD $469.99). Please see full instructions below.

There are over 70 qualifying IK hardware products to choose from including InterfacesKeyboards,* ControllersMicrophonesPedals & DIiLoud Speakers and more.

  • Choose 2 qualifying products and get both versions of MixBox!
  • Or, shop for yourself AND someone else and spread the joy of making music with great hardware and software

Rack and Roll your way to the perfect desktop or mobile audio-production setup. Visit your favorite IK dealer or shop IK’s online store today. Promotion ends January 31 while supplies last.

* UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro desktop are excluded from this promotion.

How to get your copy of MixBox for Mac/PC:

  1. Purchase any qualifying item from $159.99
  2. Register your product serial** on the IK website or IK Product Manager
  3. If you used the IK Product Manager to register, close this for now and proceed to the next step
  4. Head to the Promotions section of your account
  5. Use the Available button to the right of the Rack and Roll promo and follow the on-screen steps
  6. Select MixBox for Mac/PC as your selection and click Confirm
  7. Open the IK Product Manager and select Manage My Products
  8. In the Software tab, click Install to the right of MixBox
  9. Once installed, use the Authorize button to the right of MixBox
  10. MixBox is now unlocked and ready to make music!

How to get your Upgrade to Full for MixBox CS for iPad:

  1. Purchase any qualifying item from $159.99
  2. Register your product serial** on the IK website or IK Product Manager
  3. Head to the Promotions section of your account
  4. Use the Available button to the right of the Rack and Roll promo and follow the on-screen steps
  5. Select Upgrade to Full for MixBox CS as your selection and click Confirm
  6. Download and open MixBox CS for iOS from the Apple App Store
  7. Go to the Menu in the upper right-hand corner of the MixBox app
  8. Select the Account page and log in with your IK Multimedia account
  9. After logging in, insert your hardware serial and select Finish
  10. Once registered, your Upgrade to Full is unlocked ready to make music!

** All hardware serials will be on a card inside the device’s packaging.

Note for iPad users

If you’ve already registered your MixBox CS for iPad app or registered your hardware inside the MixBox iOS app prior to selecting the Upgrade to Full as your promotional item, you can use the Finish button displayed in the Account tab after the app has been registered. This will unlock the Upgrade to Full.

Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability, and product descriptions, at any time without notice. Promotion through January 31, 2022.

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