March 4, 2024

A cost-effective way to record quality guitar at home

IK Multimedia’s Axe I/O One is a cost-effective solution for recording your axe at home! It works as a 24-bit/192 kHz audio interface, specifically designed to shape the tone of your guitar or bass, with the Z-Tone instrument input, allowing you to customise with an active or passive pickup sound, or change the input tone from tighter and sharper, to thicker and bolder, to record into your favourite DAW software.

IK have included AmpliTube 5 and ToneX software downloads for further processing and shaping of your sound, giving you a perfect platform for tracking your guitars over your band recordings.

The Axe I/O One features a microphone preamp with phantom power for recording vocals with your favourite condenser microphone, the instrument input with the Z-Tone processing mentioned above, balanced stereo outs for your active monitors (plus a headphone out for quiet recording), two pedal switch inputs for controlling volume, wah, and other software effects, and MIDI IN/OUT jacks for accessing your software with foot controllers or playing devices with MIDI DAW control.

There’s also an AMP Out for connecting your guitar amp, or for reamping your ‘dry’ recorded guitar tracks!

IK’s Axe I/O Oneeverything you need to record quality tracks at home (apart from a guitar and some talent)!

May 24, 2019

MyMac Reviews iRig Micro Amp

MyMac Reviews iRig Micro Amp

“Well done, IK Multimedia.”

MyMac spent some time with our small,  but powerful amp, iRig Micro Amp.  Calling it a “tiny powerhouse” they complement the Micro Amp for its battery-powered option, App integration options, and ability to play your guitar at the same time while you are listening in AUX mode.  This makes the iRig Micro Amp the best option for on the go musicians in need of a practice amp, offering a massive amount of tones in the most portable and convenient package.  Check out some highlights from their review below.

iRig Micro Amp is a tiny powerhouse for guitarists and all musicians.”

“The hefty four-inch speaker on this little giant is plenty loud using battery power.”

Musicians will find huge value in this mighty tiny tot amp. Well done, IK Multimedia.

“It gets better! You can play your guitar or other connected instruments at the same time while you are listening in AUX mode …”

Read the full review on MyMac here.

Learn more about iRig Micro Amp here.

May 14, 2019

Guitar World awards AXE I/O Gold Performance Award

“The AXE I/O more than exceeds expectations”

Guitar World Magazine recently got their hands on the new AXE I/O – IK’s premium audio interface, and loved it so much it was awarded their Gold Performance Award with unparalleled guitar tone shaping capabilities. Check out some of the quotes from Guitar World’s Chris Gill on AXE I/O below: 

“One of the most important features of any I/O divide is its sound quality, and the AXE I/O more than exceeds expectations.”

“The Z Tone control is an outstanding tool for shaping a guitar’s tone, allowing users to change the load on their single-coil or humbucking pickups, which can change the pickups’ performance for fresh tonal options.”

“The Amp output provides the easiest re-amping solution I’ve ever used – just connect it to an amp input and it provides a pristine instrument-level signal.”

The Bottom Line

“The IK Multimedia AXE I/O makes it easy to record incredible guitar tones without an unlimited budget and an advanced recording engineer degree.”

AXE I/O is available now in the IK Multimedia Online Store, as well as your local IK reseller for $349.99

Read the full review in Guitar World Magazine’s upcoming June issue

Learn more about AXE I/O

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