May 16, 2023

Immersive Recording Simplified

Spatial Mic lets you focus on recording immersive audio for VR, ATMOS, spatial music, concert recording, live broadcasts and much more. Want to use it in traditional stereo session? No Problem – the included software makes it easy to decode to stereo and aim virtual mics around the soundfield. No need for expensive multi-microphone & preamp setups – just plug-in and record with either Dante audio networking or USB/ADAT models.

Spatial Mic is now in two formats

Spatial Mic is crafted to bring your recordings to life in the most realistic way possible. More than simply a microphone – analog and digital electronics work together with software components to create incredibly engaging audio.

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The Spatial Mic Converter plugin (AAX, Audio Unit & VST3) transforms the raw audio signals from Spatial Mic to Virtual Mics and first or second order ambisonics in AmbiX or Fuma formats. To accomplish this, Spatial Mic Converter uses an internal 64-channel filter matrix and measurements from an anechoic chamber.

Spatial Mic Converter offers the capability to change the microphone’s aim at the point in space where the audio was recorded. This is useful when aligning audio position with 360 video, or aiming the mic at a specific sound that should be in front of the listener.

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