November 9, 2023

Looking for the Ideal Keyboard Controller (with a FREE software bundle)?

Nektar’s LX+ Series controllers are easy to set up and integrate with your favourite DAW, with complete transport control and pre-mapped controls for any DAW native plugins. Inexpensive and comprehensive, they quickly become an essential part of your work flow.

The Panorama T-Series are a more advanced alternative for more in-depth control, with Nektarine hosting software and live performance capability (with MIDI out socket).

The GXP Series USB MIDI controller keyboards are designed for players: Experience 49, 61 or 88 semi-weighted keys, with velocity and aftertouch to deliver a nice, firm touch and great playability, plus instant access to performance controls including a real-time repeat engine, powerful Nektarine plugin patch management and Nektar DAW Integration.

And all of these controller series, plus the LX Mini, are even better value now, with a FREE Cherry Audio plugin bundle containing PS-20, Mercury-6, Octave Cat, DreamSynth DS-1 synths and Stardust 201 delay plugins

Find out more about this fantastic free collection:

Nektar DAW Integration supports Bitwig Studio 8-Track (included with LX+ and Panorama T-series), so using Nektar products and Bitwig Studio 8-Track together is a fantastic combination: If you are just starting out, this is a great way to take your first steps in the world of digital music creation. And if you’re already familiar with using DAW software you’ll be amazed at what this combination has to offer!

DAW Integration Support
May 13, 2022

Nektarine 2.5.2

‘available now’

Capable of hosting VST, VST3 and AU plugins, Nektarine can be run in any DAW or other MIDI music software product able to host AAX (Pro Tools), AU, VST or VST3 plugins. If you are using a compatible controller with pads, such as Aruba or the Panorama T-Series, Nektarine now includes comprehensive drum creation capabilities with 4 new plugins: the DP1 Drum Player, K1 Kick Synth, S1 Snare Synth and T1 Tom Synth.

For Panorama T and P-Series, Aruba (Aura) and GXP users, Nektarine is designed to enable control of plugins from compatible Nektar hardware complete with parameter and patch browsing, as well as create drum beats with the new software add-ons.

There are many improvements in Nektarine 2.5 including a revised UI which displays all instrument and effect plugins in the Rack and adds a Browser pane to the right of any window.

Additional features and improvements include:

  • Master output control and meter.
  • Channel output meter added to all instrument and send channels
  • Mixer page showing  instrument and send channels in a traditional mixer layout.
  • Revised Pads page for Aruba (Aura) users showing all 16 pads in one view.
  • DP1 Drum Player includes over 500 unique drum instruments and 40 kits
  • Pads swap, copy and paste features.
  • Drag and drop of content from the browser to plugin slots and pads.
  • Better regression map handling should ensure preservation of mapping as plugins are updated.
  • Audio folder mounting for audio browsing of libraries.
  • Plugin scan on startup option added.
  • Multi-threaded audio processing.
  • A ton of bug fixes.

Current users can download the latest version from their Nektartech account.

The new pad view and DP1 drum player

Display setup for plug-in parameters

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