Softube Console 1 Firmware update

Change log for 2.5.24 (Released on December 14th, 2021)

Console 1

Completely new design of the On-Screen Display!

Console 1 Fader

  • New Fader firmware with the following changes: Added another calibration run to increase the fader precision. This also mitigates an issue where certain faders could get “jittery”. DAW meter data is filtered to remove unnecessary noise.Added Load Drive functionality to Console 1 (Shift + Track selector 6).
  • Added the possibility to load a strip with filters-only by pressing Shift while loading a strip.
  • Making it possible to adjust Width control from Console 1 (Shift + Input Gain)On-Screen Display settings are now saved in a more controlled manner. Adding “save current position as default” option.
  • Track Colors now supported in DAW:s with DAW control support.
  • Temporary fader modes (Sends, Input Gain, High Cut and Low Cut) in Console 1 Fader can now become persistent by Shift-clicking them.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the On-Screen Display to hang if you disabled all view modes.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Console 1 Fader LED:s and On-Screen Display output meter to become stuck when going to Layer mode in Cubase Pro.
  • Changed Auto On to behave the same in Normal Mode and Layer Mode.
  • Adding font support for special characters (Cyrillic, Japanese, etc.).
  • Solved an issue in Console 1 Fader that could result in a crash of On-Screen Display while rearranging layers.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the wrong controller type (Mk 1 vs. Mk 2) to be detected when Console 1 hardware is connected after the DAW has already started.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Change Order logic for Console 1 Fader to not work properly.
  • Made it visible in the On-Screen Display which compressors and shape units that do not support External Sidechain. Requires updating of the units.
  • Decreased memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue where parameter values from DAW was not read back to Console 1 when in Group/All/Layer modes.
  • Changed how Volume and Input Gain scales in non-DAW Control mode.
  • Added knob modes (Accelerated, etc.) for DAW Control knobs.
  • Fixed an issue where gain values from DAW got rounded off.
  • Made DAW Control volume knobs (Volume, Send Levels) scale almost the same as C1 internal volume controls.
  • Fixed an issue causing the On-Screen Display to consume CPU even when it was closed.
  • Adding Show/Hide option to On-Screen Display application menu.
  • Fixed wrong initial value for Weiss Gambit Series Compressor Threshold.
  • Improved precision of Console 1 knobs in “Accelerated Smooth” (default) mode.
  • Added support for the following UAD plugins for Console 1:
  • UA 175
  • UA 176
  • SSL E Channel
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B mk II
  • Century Strip
  • Avalon VT-737
  • API 2500