September 27, 2022

Console 1 and Logic

The revolutionary and award-winning Console 1 Mixing System from Softube seamlessly integrates with Apple Logic Pro. Now, producers using Logic can enhance their mixing workflow like never before.

In addition to the ability to control their favorite channel strips with Console 1, users can now select tracks, navigate quickly through their projects, and control the DAW volume, pan, sends, solo, and mute within Logic Pro from Console 1 Fader.

Console 1 Mixing System gives producers the power of Logic Pro with Softube-quality sound and workflow.


Control everything from volume, pan, sends, solo, and mute to the shape, EQ, compressor, and drive. Console 1 Mixing System lets you harness the power of Logic Pro while maintaining Softube-quality sound.

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Softube Console 1 Firmware update

Change log for 2.5.24 (Released on December 14th, 2021)

Console 1

Completely new design of the On-Screen Display!

Console 1 Fader

  • New Fader firmware with the following changes: Added another calibration run to increase the fader precision. This also mitigates an issue where certain faders could get “jittery”. DAW meter data is filtered to remove unnecessary noise.Added Load Drive functionality to Console 1 (Shift + Track selector 6).
  • Added the possibility to load a strip with filters-only by pressing Shift while loading a strip.
  • Making it possible to adjust Width control from Console 1 (Shift + Input Gain)On-Screen Display settings are now saved in a more controlled manner. Adding “save current position as default” option.
  • Track Colors now supported in DAW:s with DAW control support.
  • Temporary fader modes (Sends, Input Gain, High Cut and Low Cut) in Console 1 Fader can now become persistent by Shift-clicking them.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the On-Screen Display to hang if you disabled all view modes.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Console 1 Fader LED:s and On-Screen Display output meter to become stuck when going to Layer mode in Cubase Pro.
  • Changed Auto On to behave the same in Normal Mode and Layer Mode.
  • Adding font support for special characters (Cyrillic, Japanese, etc.).
  • Solved an issue in Console 1 Fader that could result in a crash of On-Screen Display while rearranging layers.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the wrong controller type (Mk 1 vs. Mk 2) to be detected when Console 1 hardware is connected after the DAW has already started.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Change Order logic for Console 1 Fader to not work properly.
  • Made it visible in the On-Screen Display which compressors and shape units that do not support External Sidechain. Requires updating of the units.
  • Decreased memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue where parameter values from DAW was not read back to Console 1 when in Group/All/Layer modes.
  • Changed how Volume and Input Gain scales in non-DAW Control mode.
  • Added knob modes (Accelerated, etc.) for DAW Control knobs.
  • Fixed an issue where gain values from DAW got rounded off.
  • Made DAW Control volume knobs (Volume, Send Levels) scale almost the same as C1 internal volume controls.
  • Fixed an issue causing the On-Screen Display to consume CPU even when it was closed.
  • Adding Show/Hide option to On-Screen Display application menu.
  • Fixed wrong initial value for Weiss Gambit Series Compressor Threshold.
  • Improved precision of Console 1 knobs in “Accelerated Smooth” (default) mode.
  • Added support for the following UAD plugins for Console 1:
  • UA 175
  • UA 176
  • SSL E Channel
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B mk II
  • Century Strip
  • Avalon VT-737
  • API 2500
August 3, 2020

Register a new Console 1, get 5 Console 1 ready plug-ins for free

Mix your own modern classics with Console 1

When it comes to modern mixing, Console 1 is the best of both worlds. Get all the tremendous sound and feel of analog hardware mixing with the freedom of digital. Run the Console 1 plug-in in your DAW of choice and control the sound of the legendary Solid State Logic SL 4000 E desk with the dedicated hardware. Console 1 is compatible with all major DAWs. Work faster and get better results with all of the benefits and convenience of in-the-box mixing. As an added bonus, new Console 1 registrations come with three additional products that include five Console 1 ready plug-ins at no extra cost for a limited time.

Register your new Console 1 between July 1st and September 30th and receive Transient ShaperFET Compressor and Passive-Active Pack, which includes 3 EQs: Focusing Equalizer, Passive Equalizer, and Active Equalizer, for free, in addition to the Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console emulation that’s already included. 

How the promo works

1. Register a new Console 1 between July 1st and September 30th, 2020
2. Licenses to Console 1 and Transient Shaper, FET Compressor and Passive-Active Pack will be added automatically to your Softube account

What does “register a new Console 1” mean?
Console 1 is both hardware and software. When you buy the hardware, you take it home, unbox it and plug it in to your computer. It looks great. The next step before you start using Console 1, you need to register it. To do this, go to, log in or create an account, and download your software using the license code that came in the box. After that’s done, you’ll be able to get your free plug-ins and start mixing.

October 16, 2019


Time to mix a masterpiece

In stock NOW!

Building on the success of Console 1 was never going to be easy. But like you, we believe in ambitious dreams. To further improve the epic workflow advantages Console 1 brings, we had to ask, “where can we go next?” The answer was clear, and the result is here.

Improving feel and workflow, and making the best of hardware and software available in one place, Console 1 Fader allows you to raise the sound quality bar to new heights. Mixing a masterpiece isn’t easy, but with Console 1 Fader there’s no limit to what you can do. Now’s the time.

Premium feel and feedback

Ten touch-sensitive 100 mm Alps motorized faders give premium professional feel and feedback, while the weighty powder-coated steel chassis means durability and substance in a sleek Scandinavian design.

Analog sound

Fader includes two console emulations (Tube and Discrete). Way more than a simple controller, Fader enriches the sound of your tracks in the same ways as a true analog console.

New levels of control

Riding faders is muscle memory for many mix engineers. For those of us who play the desk like an instrument, Console 1 Fader gives quick and intuitive control over volume, saturation, filtering, and much more.

A modern mixing system

The Console 1 mixing ecosystem is so much more than a simple DAW/plug-in controller. It’s an efficient, elegant, and amazing-sounding modern mixing solution, combining hardware and software to give you the best of both worlds: the versatility, affordability, and usability of in-the-box mixing, alongside the workflow, feel, and focus dedicated hardware can bring.

Console 1 Fader can be used alone, or in combination with the original Console 1 channel strip controller for a tight ‘complete desk’ experience. You can even use multiple Console 1 Fader units to build the ideal workflow for your specific studio.

Many ways to mix a masterpiece

There are many ways to mix a masterpiece, but riding faders is a matter of muscle memory for a lot of us. And for good reason – reaching out and grabbing five or ten different sounds or groups at once, and quickly adjusting, listening, adjusting, listening, balancing… it’s a full-body discipline, and software alone can’t come close.

Tapping into the same purpose-designed software environment as the original Console 1 channel strip controller, Fader brings new levels of control over the wider world of your mix. You can ride up to ten channels at once, working volume, high-and-low-cut filter values, drive and drive character (modeled desk saturation), and more. Then page up for ten more channels. And ten more, until you have easy access to your whole mix, even when tracks number into the hundreds.

Expandable with world-class sounds

Because all the audio signal processing happens in our award-winning component-modeled software, you can switch out the ‘circuitry’ of your console instantaneously for a different desk sound across your whole project, or even channel by channel.

In addition to the two analog console sounds Fader ships with, you can purchase any of our Console 1 channel strips and use those classic desk sounds with Fader.

In short

  • A 10-fader approach to Console 1, our hybrid hardware/software mixing ecosystem
  • High quality hardware, designed and built for both feel and function
  • Take fast and intuitive control of volume, saturation, filtering, and more
  • Two awesome-sounding component-modeled console emulations included
  • Expand your sonic options with Console 1 expansion channel strips (sold separately)
  • ‘Layer Mode’ allows you to organise and affect your mix in powerful new ways
  • Spatializer tool offers fast per-channel control of stereo width
  • Works with all major DAWs straight out of the box – no MIDI-mapping required
  • Use alone, or in combination with the original Console 1 channel strip controller


July 15, 2019

Console 1 Power-user Tips

Softube Console 1 is a unique and powerful tool, carefully designed to improve your mixing workflow. In this video series, we demonstrate some of the features that help you achieve faster and better mixes. Enjoy!

1. Grouping Tracks

If you are using Console 1, then grouping tracks is super easy.  The first Power User Tip focuses on how we can save time and achieve better sonic results by using the group feature in Console 1.

2. Sidechaining

Sidechaining can be a powerful studio tip. In this one, we take a look at how to use Console 1 to take the output of one track and use it to control the gate or compressor of another track.

3. History Function

You should feel free to take some creative chances in your DAW. That’s why in this next Power User Tip we look at the history function in Console 1. You can take some creative chances, knowing that you can always come back to a previous point in time in your settings while using Console 1.

4. Copying Presets

If you have a chain of plug-ins you love using, or you want to copy settings between tracks, then this Power User Tip on saving presets and copying settings is going to make your Console 1 workflow way more efficent.

5. Solo Safe

Do you know how (or even when) to use solo safe? If not, don’t worry. Our Power User Tip on setting up solo safe will make sure that all of your tracks respond properly in your DAW when you are using Console 1.

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