Robert Randolph and iRig Pro Duo I/O take on NASCAR

Renowned funk and soul pedal steel virtuoso uses iRig Pro Duo I/O to record the National Anthem.

Renowned American funk and soul pedal steel virtuoso, vocalist and composer, Robert Randolph recorded the national anthem on his iRig Pro Duo I/O for a recent NASCAR event.   Considered the best pedal steel guitarist in the world, Robert plays in a way never done before, streaming with perfect audio quality to everyone at the race track.

Robert started with IK Multimedia in our early days with AmpliTube and the original iRig. We are proud and honored to have him in the IK family of artists.  He talks about the experience saying,

“The iRig Pro Duo I/O helped a lot because it allowed me to get a great tone. I was able to balance how much direct tone from my Peavey Invective amp, using the direct out on the back of it, and plugging that into one channel of iRig Pro Duo I/O and the live room sound by positioning my LEWITT handheld MTP 550 microphone and plugging that into the other channel of the iRig.”

Robert told us,

“The NASCAR folks reached out to me. They wanted to get some newer artists to expand their roster. They decided that they wanted more rock and blues artists especially given that they have stepped up to become more diverse and wanted to expand their audience and have a greater reach.”

“NASCAR requested a horizontal orientation video so that is exactly what I sent. I recorded it live on my iPhone. Without the iRig there is no way the audio would have sounded this good. The iRig made it so easy to blend the amp and room sound.”

The iRig Pro Duo I/O is a great device; you can figure out how much gain you need, it comes with all the cables you need, it is very easy to use, just plug it in and you are ready to go!