iLoud MTM Now Available in White

This compact monitor offers high-end design and features for project and home studios.

IK’s award-winning iLoud MTM studio monitors are now available with a new build, offering a white color option for a different kind of sleek style.  

This compact reference monitor is designed to deliver pristine sound and unprecedented accuracy for the modern professional and home studio. It provides innovative features not found elsewhere, and sound quality that rivals monitors several times the price – now available in both black and white to match the vibe of your studio.

IK’s advanced DSP expertise was leveraged to offer an ultra-flat frequency response, but more importantly, a truly linear phase response – a premiere feature in this price segment available only on a handful of products costing considerably more. This provides a natural, true-to-life sound made possible by IK’s advanced DSP expertise.

iLoud MTM also offers one-touch, acoustic self-calibration derived from IK’s award-winning ARC System, with an included reference microphone to easily adjust to any room’s acoustics.  Just set up the monitors, put the microphone in your preferred listening position, press a button and you’ll instantly have a custom calibration for the sweet spot of your listening environment.

Incredible accuracy and transparency, deep and defined bass, precise stereo imaging at any distance, and automatic room calibration – all in a monitor that’s small enough to fit on any desktop – make iLoud MTM ideal for nearfield work or as a workhorse monitor in a home or project studio.