iLoud MTM earns 10/10 score from Computer Music

“A truly incredible solution”

Computer Music, reviewing iLoud MTM in their January 2020 issue, have awarded them the maximum 10 out of 10 score.

Here are some of the key comments:

“A staggeringly effective iLoud-optimised version of IK’s proprietary ARC calibration system, which is built right into the speakers.”

“A speaker which presents as incredibly clinical and brutally ‘honest‘.”

“Suble mid/high details that previously went unnoticed become perfectly audible making targeting of individual elements within the mix almost supernaturally easy.”

“Low-end solidity and control are remarkable for a speaker of this size.”

And the final verdict was:

“The iLoud MTM really is a truly incredible solution.”

iLoud MTM receives the maximum 10 out of 10 score

For the full review, make sure you grab the January issue of Computer Music while it is still on the shelves – out now!

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