New UNO Drum Anthology Libraries

A collection of vintage and rare PCM sounds makes for 10 new free UNO Drum libraries!

A whole new sonic palette is available to explore with your UNO Drum!  The Drum Anthology Libraries are a collection of vintage and rare drum machine PCM sounds that can be loaded in your UNO Drum, drastically changing the sound of your instrument.  10 new libraries contain different drum machines from different eras, grouped to create inspiring future classic sounds, available to download for free.

We recorded 40 vintage drum machines and added new elements on the 4-piece drum kits, to give even more flexibility and creativity to the sound.  We carefully studied each piece of gear, capturing its most recognizable sounds, while adding new elements for even more flexibility and convenience. These are not 1:1 recreations; they’re our homage to the classics.

After learning each piece of gear in-depth, we divided them into 10 libraries of 4 drum machines each.  From 60’s swing to ’80s hip-hop, ’90s house and beyond, these iconic machines have shaped the course of music history, and UNO Drum puts them at your fingertips.  Comprised of homages to machines made from Roland, Korg, Panasonic, and many more, each chosen by era and style to give the whole soundset a cohesive feel.

These libraries can be installed in your UNO Drum via library updaters that can be found for free on the IK Multimedia website.  Click here to access your User Area to download.