iLoud MTM wins MusicTech Choice award!

“IK has done it again, delivering a big sound and helping to redefine what we expect from compact monitors”

MusicTech‘s Andy Jones was hugely impressed with iLoud Micro Monitor when it was first launched, so he was very keen to test out the brand new iLoud MTM studio monitor speakers. His conclusions justify his anticipation,  giving them MusicTech’s prestigious Choice Award together with a 9/10 overall score.

Here are some of his key comments:

“You get a lot in a very compact package including the wonders of digital self-calibration, where the monitors measure your room and adjust themselves to give you the best response for mixing – once just the domain of expensive monitors.”

“They are packed full of clever design tweaks and tech.”

“Each speaker instantly calibrates itself to attempt to deliver a response that compensates for your room. The process takes less than 30 seconds and you simply monitor the different colours on the LED as it does so. As to the results, well, they tie in quite nicely with my listening tests.”

“They are silky smooth with tight mids and a controlled and certainly not coloured bass.”

“This has been, for me, was one of the most interesting tests I have done. Small studio monitors have definitely come of age with IK and the MTMs will be a serious contender against speakers going right up in size and to over four figures in price.”

“Until recently, accuracy cost a fortune – but small speakers like these are starting to deliver better and better results.”

Andy’s final verdict was:

“So can these deliver the truth? Yes they can. The calibration software is your friend here so make sure you use it, because it opens up the speakers to deliver truer results.  IK has done it again, delivering a big sound and helping to redefine what we expect from compact monitors.”

 Key Plusses
+ Lovely sound
+ And a dramatic uplift after calibration
+ Well built and nicely compact
+ Lots of extras to shape the sound around the back

iLoud MTM receives 9/10 final score and MusicTech’s Choice Award