Introducing New iRig Mics and iRig Stream

New pocket-sized mics and mobile interface provide crystal clear audio for recording video, live-streaming and more.

Calling all content creators!  We have great news for you.  IK Multimedia is proud to announce the next generation of iRig products.  Introducing the iRig Mic Cast 2, iRig Mic Cast HD, iRig Mic Video, and iRig Stream.

These mobile-friendly devices are designed to be easy-to-use solutions for capturing high-quality audio wherever you go.  Broadcasters, podcasters, vloggers, musicians, travelers, social media influencers, this is for you!

Weighing in at just a few ounces, the iRig Mic Cast 2 is an affordable, ultra-compact, travel-friendly solution for crisp, clear voice recordings for YouTube videos, Instagram, live streams, and more!  It’s featherweight mic mounts securely onto an iPad or smartphone. Its innovative magnetic design lets users snap it into place on their device in seconds (even with a case). iRig Mic Cast 2 works in both portrait and landscape orientation on phones and tablets with the included breakout cable. 

iRig Mic Cast HD offers all the core features of iRig Mic Cast 2 along with enhancements for professional use.  It adds gold-sputtered capsules for superior sound, a 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, and 24-bit, 96 kHz converters for crystal clear audio via Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C cables, all included.

To ensure the highest-quality recording in any situation, iRig Mic Cast HD offers adjustable sensitivity, making it even easier to use in a wide range of settings. For monitoring, iRig Mic Cast HD offers a headphone out with selectable direct or processed sound to ensure compatibility with the widest range of apps, as well as a multi-color LED for visual indication of the signal strength, eliminating worries about losing a take due to poor audio levels. 

iRig Mic Video is a shotgun-style mic, offering professional-quality audio capture and production features that are suitable for a wide array of video shoots.  iRig Mic Video includes the same convenient magnetic mount as iRig Mic Cast HD, plus a hot shoe adaptor for mounting to DSRLs. With the included Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C and DSLR cables, users can switch between a serious studio setup and an ultra-mobile outdoor rig at a moment’s notice.

iRig Mic Video works with any app that records audio and also offers a 10 db pre-amplifier to boost the signal for use with DSLR camera audio circuits.  For a more secure grip and stable on-the-go shots, the iRig Mic Video Kit comes complete with the mic plus IK’s iKlip Grip Pro multifunction stand, that transforms from handgrip to monopod to tripod in seconds.

iRig Stream is an innovative stereo audio interface designed for musicians, podcasters and other creators looking to record or stream high-quality audio with their mobile device. Two line-level RCAs offer quick connection to mixers, keyboards and outboard gear, and the included Lightning, USB-C and USB-A cables can connect to the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops.  

A Stereo/Mono switch ensures compatibility with the widest range of apps, including mono-only apps like Instagram, and a loopback feature to let you playback music on your device at the same time you stream. 

All products are available for pre-order now from Sound And Music and will ship in early November.