DJ Times Features UNO Drum

“IK Multimedia has surely made something special with this one.”

No matter the speed or style, every track is fueled by the beat of the drums.  DJ Times spent some time in the studio with our UNO Drum to see just how well it could integrate with their tracks.  Naming out all of the “bells and whistles” DJ Times commends UNO Drum’s effects, touch controls, 16-step sequencer, and more!  Paired with UNO Synth, this duo makes the perfect entrance point for the musician looking to start their analog collection, or for a synth guru looking for new gear without breaking the bank.  Check out some key points from the feature below.

“With a great pairing of effects, touch controls, a 16-step sequencer, and a ton more – you can build your own loops, store them, and develop an entire drum section with only this tiny unit in your hands.” 

IK Multimedia has surely made something special with this one.

“This unit is perfect as an addition to a live set-up consisting of synthesizers, drum machines, pedals, and more – and you can add this extra analog goodness for a great price.”

“You can easily edit anything on the fly, change instrument placement in the sequencer, and change effects while playing live to get a very organic and flow experience with this machine.”