Music Teacher magazine: “iRig Micro Amp is versatile and great fun”

“You can really take your amp and effects anywhere you want”

Music Teacher Magazine has been taking a close look at iRig Micro Amp. courtesy of music lecturer and composer Tony Cliff. He was impressed by its portability, sound quality and versatility. 
Here are some of his key comments:

“The iRig Micro Amp is a tiny but surprisingly powerful guitar amplifier.”

“The amp is so compact that you can easily store it in a backpack or a small case, so you really can take it wherever you travel.”

“Linking to iOS devices or computers, for me, is where the iRig Micro Amp really shines and its full potential is revealed.”

“The AmpliTube app is excellent as an educational tool because you can test out different amp and pedal combinations and really hear how the guitar sound is affected.”

“A straightforward practise amp with supreme portability.”

Cliff’s final verdict was:

“The iRig Micro Amp is an extremely versatile product. It can be simply used as a go-anywhere portable amp, as a device for silent practise with headphones, or for playing along to backing tracks. It is great fun to use because it is so compact – you really can take your amp and studio effects anywhere you want.”

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