GarageBand & Beyond Reviews iLoud MTM

“I think they’re worth every single penny.”

GarageBand & Beyond has been a long-time fan of our iLoud Micro Monitors.  After the relese of the iLoud MTM studio monitors, we had to catch back up with “YouTube’s longest running and most trusted channel dedicated to home recording tutorials” to see how they like our newest product release.  Complimenting the strong low end, the impressively wide stereo imagine, the ARC callibration system, and more, GarageBand & Beyond commends the iLoud MTM speakers for their user-centered design.  Here are some highlights from the review below.

“The high end of these I like much better than my 8-inch monitors. These have all that clarity but are not as brash to my ears…the high end of these — really, really nice.”

A really well thought out product.

“It’s the stereo imaging that was one of the first thing I noticed…really, really, impressive stereo imaging.”

“What I love about the iLoud series in general; they are making these things with the home recording artist specifically in mind.”

“I like them, I think they’re worth every single penny.”