Rolling Stone features UNO Synth

UNO Synth chosen as one of their best synthesizers under USD $200.

Since its release, UNO Synth has become a staple for musicians looking to enter into the world of analog hardware.  UNO Synth has continued its journey with a recent feature in Rolling Stone.  Listed as one of “the best synthesizers under $200”, UNO Synth is commended for its versatility, from stage, to studio, and everywhere in between.  Read some of the highlights from below.

“What’s more, this synth features a 27-note keyboard with two octaves of sound control, allowing you to dig deep into the possibilities and get creative with your tracks.”

What’s most exciting about the UNO though, is its ability to seamlessly go from stage, to studio to anywhere in between.

“The UNO is versatile in that it can be linked with other MIDIs for live shows or used for editing thanks to IKM’s UNO Editor which comes complimentary with purchase of the device.”

“Featuring two oscillators and 100 presets, the UNO from IK Multimedia is an impressive synth for the price point.”

Read the full Rolling Stone feature here.