Bonedo awards iLoud MTM with 4.5 / 5 stars

Bonedo awards iLoud MTM with 4.5 / 5 stars

“IK does not just promise the highest precision but the iLoud MTMs do deliver it impressively.” Hats off! “

Bonedo ‘s expert reviewer Patric Louis has given IK’s new iLoud MTM nearfield studio monitor a detailed review of what he has discovered. 

Read some of his key comments here. 

What are you doing with the bass basses and how do you feel about the bass drums and the bass drums are really enjoyable and dwell in your belly? Therefore it must be achieved and IK Multimedia proves it here impressively … The iLoud MTMs live up to their name and promise. “

“IK Multimedia does not just promise the highest precision but the iLoud MTMS do deliver it impressively. Hats off! ” ” With Their honesty and no glossing over, the iLoud MTMS enable analytical monitoring, and that’s even at very low listening volumes. To me they sound astonishingly linear and sound-free, with a selection of DSP options. “ Verdict

The promised linear frequency and phase response, which is the manufacturer of DSP power and D’Appolito [MTM IK Multimedia’s iLoud MTMs sound surprisingly precise even in their basic setting and they do not camouflage anything at all. Thanks to the clean stereo image, razor sharp transients and unmuddled, powerful basses I have the feeling of monitoring with a precision tool. When it comes down to care fully listening and analytically working on mixes and sounds or for Example catching technical errors and editing them out, the iLoud MTMS are Exactly the right solution. “ 
+ precise, linear and neutral sound image 
+ tons of bass volume plus the compact size 
+ included measurement system 
+ flexible positioning horizontally, vertically or on a tripod 

Rating 4.5 / 5

Here are some quotes from the original review in English. 
“What I’m most amazed by, and what I do not believe at first, are the deep basses, how do you get 
such a bass response out of such small drivers just because of bass reflex and DSP power – the lowest frequencies, where bass drums Fun and punching is clearly audible, so it has to be somehow possible, 
because IK Multimedia are proving it impressively … The iLoud MTM lives up to its name. ” 

“IK Multimedia not only promises the highest levels of precision, but in my opinion, it can deliver this in an impressive way with the iLoud MTM . ” Chapeau.

With their honesty and lack of whitewashing, they enable analytical listening, even at very low listening volumes. Basically, the speakers sound in 
my opinion incredibly linear and free of resonance, and with the various DSP functions, I can adjust the frequency response of the monitoring to my liking a little bit. 

“Brutal, which deliver the small boxes to bass reproduction and also to overall volume – and they are brutally precise too 
– the advertised linearity of frequency response and phase behavior, which was promised by DSP Power and D’Appolito arrangement by the manufacturer is confirmed in the test. the IK multimedia iLoud MTM, for me, already in its basic setting unexpectedly precise and beautiful one bit. in the clean stereo image, the sharp transients and non-washed, powerful bass I listen to the impression with a precision tool. ..When it comes to listening carefully, approaching mixtures or sounds analytically or, for example, hearing technical errors and thus being able to eliminate them, IK Multimedia offers the right interception with its iLoud MTM. 


+ precise, linear, neutral sound 
+ a lot of bass volume despite the small size 
+ the enclosed measuring system 
+ flexible positioning horizontally, vertically or on tripod

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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