Tom Brislin talks SampleTank 4

“SampleTank 4 is a powerful all in one instrument for live and studio.”

Tom Brislin, a current member of Kansas and The Sea Within, and veteran member of many more bands is very well-versed in the keyboarding world.  As a major contributor for Keyboard Magazine, Tom is the go-to man for knowledge on all things regarding keys.  As a long time user of IK products, from MODO Bass, to Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and more Tom took some time to speak with us about one of our newest releases, SampleTank 4.  This is what he said:

SampleTank 4 is a powerful all in one instrument for live and studio. I have all of the IK Multimedia virtual instruments loaded onto my laptop. I use MODO Bass when I need realistic basses, Syntronik for a variety of vintage synths, Miroslav Philharmonikfor orchestral sounds and SampleTank 4 for a little of everything.Tom Brislin (Kansas, The Sea Within)

SampleTank 4 is designed to be a go-to workstation for every kind of musician.  Whether you are a keyboardist, hip hop producer, electronic DJ, etc., you can always count on SampleTank 4 for the best creative experience possible.  With a fast and seamless workflow, endless editing capabilities, and over 260 GB of high quality sounds to work with, the possibilities are virtually endless!