Performer Magazine Reviews AXE I/O

“How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists?…”

Performer Magazine spent time working with our AXE I/O and all of its accompanying free software.  Touching on its features like Z-Tone, the passive or active pickup selector, the JFET or pure switch, and more, Performer Magazine rates AXE I/O with all positive qualities.  Complimenting AXE I/O‘s “excellent design” and “plenty of tonal options”, they says that “this is it” for the recording guitarist looking to get studio quality at home.  Here are some excerpts from the review:

How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists… IK’s done it masterfully with their new AXE I/O.

“Let’s talk about T-RackS; it’s insane, covering emulations of great studio hardware…”

[The amp out feature] is the easiest way of blending a real amp with the AmpliTube software at the same time.

“Another great feature is the ability to connect two external control pedals, like a channel switcher or an expression pedal. This now makes a laptop running AmpliTube a practical and viable live tool.”

Want to take tracks home from a studio and get amazing results without the hassles of booking time? Yeah, this is it.

Read the full review online or in Performer Magazine here on page 36.