Console 1 Power-user Tips

Softube Console 1 is a unique and powerful tool, carefully designed to improve your mixing workflow. In this video series, we demonstrate some of the features that help you achieve faster and better mixes. Enjoy!

1. Grouping Tracks

If you are using Console 1, then grouping tracks is super easy.  The first Power User Tip focuses on how we can save time and achieve better sonic results by using the group feature in Console 1.

2. Sidechaining

Sidechaining can be a powerful studio tip. In this one, we take a look at how to use Console 1 to take the output of one track and use it to control the gate or compressor of another track.

3. History Function

You should feel free to take some creative chances in your DAW. That’s why in this next Power User Tip we look at the history function in Console 1. You can take some creative chances, knowing that you can always come back to a previous point in time in your settings while using Console 1.

4. Copying Presets

If you have a chain of plug-ins you love using, or you want to copy settings between tracks, then this Power User Tip on saving presets and copying settings is going to make your Console 1 workflow way more efficent.

5. Solo Safe

Do you know how (or even when) to use solo safe? If not, don’t worry. Our Power User Tip on setting up solo safe will make sure that all of your tracks respond properly in your DAW when you are using Console 1.