UNO Drum Stutter FX

Watch, hear, and learn about this great and easy-to-use effect on UNO Drum.

After getting acquainted with your new UNO Drum, it’s time to learn some performance tricks.  The Stutter FX, one of the 3 master effects on UNO Drum, is perfect to get you started.  We have created a video to allow you to watch, hear, and learn about the Stutter FX on UNO Drum.  With this great and easy-to-use effect, you can create some great variation in your beats, ranging from classic to modern vibes.

Stutter offers adjustable depth, from subtle tremolos to full-on slices, to create different feeling sounds and grooves.  Quickly press the stutter to add variance to your beat, keeping your crowd engaged from start to finish.  Get creatice and switch up your performance every time you play with UNO’s 5 performance effects: Roll, Fill, Random, Swing and Humanize, and use the master Stutter effect to chop up your entire groove.  

Working hand in hand with the array of sound choices and editing capabilities, UNO Drum is sure to give you the perfect groove every single time.  Learn more about UNO Drum here.