The Reviews Are In & Users Love AXE I/O

Hear what real users like you have to say about our new premium audio interface.

Since the release of AXE I/Oour new premium audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping capabilities, we’ve been keeping an eye on what users like you have been saying. From what we’re reading, users have not been disappointed.With 5-Star reviews on AXE I/O for it’s best-in-class guitar & bass tone, versatile functionality, and premium build-quality, users had a lot to say. Read more about what users are saying below.

The best interface I’ve ever used.

The perfect interface for guitar & bass production. This interface couldn’t be any more perfect…The only thing this interface can’t do is re-string your guitar for you. In my opinion, IK has set the new bar for guitar and bass production.

-Anonymous, Sweetwater

The best interface I’ve ever used. This interface is just…mindblowing….I absolutely recommend this box to any guitarist or bassist who wants the best starter-kit for getting that polished professional sound at home-JohnmMan Productions, Sweetwater


Absolutely love this interface…Insane tone and functionality, they really know what their customers want and it shows in the details!

-Curtis, Sweetwater

AXE I/O is a premium audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping, bringing a brand new definition to recording guitar & bass. With features like Z-Tone™, Active/Passive, JFET/PURE, and more, it is easy to visualize your perfect tone.

Want to hear how it sounds?  Check out this video:

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