ADSR UNO Synth Presets Now Available

New sounds from an acclaimed sound design company bring new life to UNO Synth

Attention UNO Synth users!  Not only have we added a new member to the UNO family (UNO Drum) but we keep adding more UNO Synth presets from some of the best sound designers around!  A new set of UNO Synth patches made by ADSR Sounds is available now for download.  This new-age urban / trap / hip-hop inspired pack includes a full bank of 80 presets ranging from classic basses, contemporary leads & arpeggios, and more.

Watch ADSR’s video that featured their Top 5 Things They Like About UNO Synth:

To get your ADSR UNO Synth Presets:

  1. Download your signature artist presets from Download Resources in My Products under UNO Synth
  2. Extract your downloaded files to your system
  3. Open UNO Synth Editor and click on PRESETS
  4. Drag and drop the preset folder to the Category window
  5. Once imported, click on TO HW to copy some or all presets to your UNO Synth
  6. Click on SEND to write the presets to your UNO Synth

To fully connect your UNO Synth with the UNO Synth Editor you must be on the latest firmware version. Download this firmware here.

All factory presets can be found in your ‘Download Resources‘ section for UNO Synth in your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account.

Join the UNO family by purchasing your very own UNO Synth now!  Learn more here.