The T6 and Reason

Nektar’s T-Series controller keyboards are pre-mapped for all native plugins in most popular DAWs, making setup and creation quick and stress free. Bitwig, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic, Reaper, Reason, Studio One and Pro Tools are pretty much ready to go as soon as you download and install the appropriate software for your own setup.

As an example, Reason 12 working with the T-Series controllers allows functionality and control that will renew your relationship with the basic native plugins that you’ve grown bored with, for reasons you’ll soon forget: Thor, ReDrum, Kong, SubTractor, Dr. OctoRex, Monotone, Europa and the others are pre-mapped to allow the most useful controls to be accessed in real-time and also automated in your tracks, adding movement and tone changes that will give your tunes new energy.

Below, you’ll see the T6 screen and controls being utilised to create a ReDrum track with all important functions available for automation. To select the drum you want to work on, simply tap the pad that triggers the sound and you’re ready to start tweaking – pitch, length, start point, level, pan and even effect send are all on screen, and now easy to control and record on their own track lanes, giving unprecedented power to your track (this level of individual drum control is also available with Kong):

Even the Combinator Mk II is pre-mapped for controls and buttons, so if you want quick access to your favourite VST’s parameters, you can ‘combine’ it and assign vital tone changers easily.

And we haven’t even mentioned the extra parameter control and VST stacking you can do with Nektarine 2.5

Whether you’re using the top of the range Panoramas, the LX+, GXP, or the tiny GX and LX Minis, the mapped parameter and transport control functions will smooth the way for your important creative processes.

To find out more about what’s available for Nektar’s controllers and your DAW-of-choice, check out the support documents on our website.