August Burns Red and the V PACK ARENA

If you’re a fan of Metalcore, August Burns Red is as good as it gets! And from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, of all places! Their drummer, Matt Greiner – who is a founding member of the band – used the sE V PACK ARENA drum mic kit to create a killer demonstration of his beats and techniques on their 2007 single, “Composure.”

The song is from their second album, Messengers, released in 2007. Throughout the piece, Matt displays intensely complex and impressively compositional drum patterns. It’s hard to imagine how he keeps it all in his brain, nevermind nailing the clearly taxing physical execution of it.

As the camera angles switch, we can see the V7 X on Matt’s snare, a pair of sE8 small-diaphragm condensers as overheads, and V BEAT mics on each of the toms. The camera doesn’t cut to the V KICK – presumably because of the inevitable mess of cables that goes along with miking drums – but we can definitely hear it! Christopher Pollock, the band’s audio engineer, did a great job tracking and mixing these drum sounds!
Check out the latest August Burns Red album, Guardians, out now on Fearless Records!