Product of the Week: Waves FIT Controller for eMotion LV1 product of the week,

PUBLISHED: 07/31/2020

Hands-on control for the Waves eMotion LV1 software-based mixing platform, with touch-sensitive, 100mm faders and 16 channel strips.

Co-engineered by Waves Audio and MIDI control manufacturer MIDIPLUS, FIT is a hands-on mixing control surface designed to work in conjunction with the Waves eMotion LV1 live software mixing platform.

Built into an aluminum chassis with dimensions of 17.6 x 11.18 x 2.71 inches, FIT features 16 channels, each of which includes a 100mm motorized, touch-sensitive fader; a rotary encoder with push-to-switch; Mute, Solo, and Select switches; and a scribble strip. The channel Solo switch can activate Cue or Solo depending upon the mode setting in the LV1. The 16 rotary encoders can control preamp gain or pan (per channel), with their function shown in the display.

A dedicated Master channel provides a 100mm motorized, touch-sensitive fader, a touch-and-turn rotary encoder that can control any eMotion LV1 parameter, Mute and Solo switches, and a “User” button that sets the 16 channel Select buttons to a user mode whereby they provide instant access to mute groups or other assignable keys.

Eight dedicated layer select buttons facilitate instant access to channel layers in the eMotion LV1, while eight Utility buttons enable frequently used commands such as fader flip to be called up without need to dig through menus.

Rear-panel features include two USB LED ports capable of supplying 5 VDC (0.5A) for LED work lights; a 12 VDC power receptacle with on/off switch, and a USB port for connection to the host computer (FIT is a class-compliant USB device for Mac OS and Windows).

More info here.