A Very Unusual Use of The DM1 DYNAMITE

Though the DM1 DYNAMITE was designed to provide a +28dB boost of discrete Class-A gain for all your passive microphones, that’s not the ONLY use for it.

Watch this video to see how Arpad Sayko, FOH Engineer for Chris Stapleton, implements a DM1 DYNAMITE Active Inline Mic Preamp to fix a gain staging problem within his vocal signal path.

During a rehearsal at Clair Brothers for a 2019 Stapleton tour, Arpad noticed that he was getting very low gain when inserting an outboard channel strip (for dynamic EQ) into Chris’ vocal insert path. This caused a “pretty unacceptable” increase in noise floor, and the outboard unit’s threshold was set far too low – and input / output gains set far too high – for proper operation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.26.24 PM.png

Rather than giving up, Chris decided to insert a DM1 Dynamite (“with wonderful packaging, by the way!”) between the console and the channel strip. After some clever thinking and Y-splitter cable arrangement,“I now have a healthier gain structure, I’m in the ‘sweet spot’ of the piece of gear, the noise floor is squashed – and as a result, I get a better situation, I’m not maxing out my gain…results have been good!”