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8-Output Isolated Power Supply with USB




The ISO-8U Power Supply provides 9V or 12V DC power for your pedals. Each output is isolated to remove ground loops. One output is adjustable from 4-9V to simulate a dying battery. Each fixed output has a selectable voltage between 9V or 12V DC.

Two high power outputs can provide 250mA. All other outputs are capable of providing up to 100mA. Each output is individually current limited and circuit protected. An output status indicator goes on when there is a fault (i.e. short, current protection, or temperature overload).

A USB type A jack can provide high power charging up to 10 watts. The unit comes with a wide variety of cables to connect your pedals including: standard barrel jacks, 3.5mm connections and a battery clip adapter.

The ISO-8U is designed so that it can be mounted on a pedal base using Velcro. The front and sides are recessed to protect the cables and controls.

The bottom edge of the ISO-8U has slots that allow you to use cable ties to control the routing of the power cables. Once you loosely insert the wire ties through the slots you can run the power cables through the remaining loops. Once all of the cables are in place, you can tighten down the wire ties.

Key Features

  • Eight isolated DC outputs
  • Each output has switchable voltage
  • One output is adjustable from 4-9V to simulate a depleting battery (great for certain ‘fuzz’ pedals and some distortion units)
  • USB power jack for high speed charging
  • Comes with multiple adapter cords
  • Runs off universal power supply
  • Tie Wrap slots for clean wire routing

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