AmpliTube TONEX ONE Pedal

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A Complete Live Rig in the Palm of Your Hand




A complete live rig in the palm of your hand

TONEX ONE puts IK’s revolutionary AI Machine Modelling technology on any size pedalboard, enabling users to perform with the world’s most sought-after tones in more ways than ever. Budget friendly, TONEX ONE makes the world’s best amps and effects accessible to all performing guitar and bass players.

Ultra-compact and powerful, TONEX ONE plays hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs and stomps from a nearly infinite supply. It features 3 playable slots that are easily swapped on the fly with any of the 20 Tone Model presets in its active memory.

To swap any of the 20 preloaded presets, users can connect TONEX ONE to a computer via USB-C and quickly transfer new Tone Models from their local library, ToneNET (IK’s tone-sharing platform), or their own gear captured with the included TONEX software. With multiple units on a single pedalboard, the tone possibilities are truly limitless.

A Complete Rig in a Mini Pedal

  • Hyper-realistic AI Machine Modelled amps, cabs and stomps
  • Compact design with easy access to all major controls on stage
  • Customisable LED colours make stacking multiple units or stereo rigs easy to operate
  • Studio-grade EQ, compressor, reverb, noise gate and smart tuner onboard
  • Store up to 20 presets with over 200 Premium Tone Models included
  • Explore and load any of 22,000+ FREE Tone Models from ToneNET
  • 2 Performance Modes: Stomp (on/off) or Dual presets
  • TRS output: Stereo, dual mono or headphones
  • USB-C connection for loading Tone Models and computer recording
  • Includes TONEX SE all-in-one player, modeller and librarian, plus AmpliTube 5 SE software

An endless ecosystem of tone
TONEX ONE offers complete access to the TONEX ecosystem. Connecting to a computer via USB-C, users can load dozens of included Tone Models, any they create themselves, or choose from over 25,000 available Tone Models on ToneNET.
Just connect the included TONEX Librarian to easily load, save and manage all Tone Models in seconds.

Two modes, unlimited possibilities
TONEX ONE offers 2 performance modes:
The dual preset mode hosts two presets, allowing the footswitch to toggle between them. It functions akin to a two channel amp – artists can have both clean and crunch sounds in one box, easily toggling between two completely different sets of Tone Models and settings.

The on-off mode works just like most pedals, toggling between a single preset and a bypassed state. This mode makes TONEX ONE an ideal overdrive pedal offering limitless choices of overdrive, fuzz and more. Best of all, TONEX ONE lets users save up to 8 banks of unique dual/on-off combinations, for a total of 24 total onboard Tone Models. With the ability to stack multiple TONEX ONE on a single board, the combinations are endless.

TONEX ONE feeding a FRFR or powered cabinet

If you want to use TONEX with your FRFR Cabinet (or powered cabinet), you can plug in directly. Remember to activate the cab section.

This is an example of using the pedal alone with an FRFR Cabinet:

TONEX ONE for recording

You can also use TONEX ONE as an audio interface to record your guitar parts by connecting it to your computer via USB. You can monitor with zero latency through the pedal using headphones or by connecting active monitors to the stereo output of TONEX ONE using a Y cable.

TONEX ONE can be powered via its USB C port when connected to a computer.

This is an example of using the TONEX ONE for recording:

TONEX SE and AmpliTube 5 SE software included:

The TONEX SE Librarian

TONEX SE is the revolutionary AI Machine Modelling software that’s taking the world by storm, offering not only thousands of rigs that are indistinguishable from the real thing but also the possibility of modelling any real rig and turning it into a plug-in. You can model your amps, cabs or pedals including distortion, overdrive, EQ, fuzz, boost and more, and play them inside TONEX and AmpliTube.

TONEX ONE goes beyond the stage with the massive ToneNET community sharing new tones daily (currently offering well over 25,000 Tone Models). Explore, demo and download, or share gear captures with the community instantly within the included TONEX software.

TONEX ONE represents a revolution for guitar and bass players. Throw it in the gig bag and never leave home without the best rigs in the world.





AmpliTube 5 SE

AmpliTube 5 SE includes 80 pieces of gear that cover a wide range of stomp and rack effects, amps, cabs, speakers, mics and rooms with complex series/parallel rig chains easily built by drag and drop to emulate any type of sound.

Both software applications include access to the ToneNET online service where there are now over thousands of AmpliTube presets and TONEX tone models to explore, produced and expanded daily by a thriving community of guitar and bass players.

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