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Dual Phantom Powered Remote Microphone Pre-amplifier




The ART Dual RP Mic Preamp is the ideal solution for increasing the performance of your ribbon and dynamic microphones. This two-channel preamp brings out all of the nuances of your mic before running into your recording interface or mixer via long cable runs.

With the Dual RP you can tailor the loading on each mic through the variable impedance controls on each input channel. The discrete preamp circuitry inside is designed for low noise and transparent operation. The balanced output drives long cable runs with ease allowing you to place the preamp as close as possible to the mic before picking up any noise or interference.

Key Features

  • 2-channel in-line mic preamplifier for ribbon and dynamic mics
  • Yields up to +20dB of gain to bolster your existing preamp
  • Runs off of phantom power for easy portability
  • Variable impedance controls for tailoring the load on your mics
  • Eliminates the extra noise that’s inherent in long cable runs
  • Boasts discrete circuitry for super-low noise and transparency
  • Balanced outputs


  • Switchable low cut filter 100 Hz low cut filter
  • Variable impedance control (150 ohms – 10k ohms)
  • Adds low-noise, clean gain (28dB @ 10k ohms, 20dB @ 600 ohms)
  • Runs off +48V Phantom power supply
  • Low THD discrete circuitry (<0.002% @ 1kHz typ.)
  • Balanced outputs

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