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Active Inline DI with Ultra-HiZ input




A Beast of a DI

The DM3 Black is an active inline DI with Ultra-HiZ input and an impressively compact design – built to stay by your side, so you always get the best out of your instruments! Based on the well-established DYNAMITE technology used in the DM1 and DM2 – the DM3 reinvents the active inline DI to a new silent standard. Its Ultra-HiZ input and the dedicated Class-A output buffer amplifier preserve the individual sound character of your instrument with flawless detail. Ideal for sources ranging from vintage electric guitar / bass pickups to piezo-equipped acoustic instruments and high-output sources like keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and laptops, to name a few. Thanks to its massive headroom and switchable attenuation pad, the DM3 can handle the roaring output of a 10,000-watt solid-state power amplifier. Its three-position ground lift switch features a unique “on+” setting reducing not only buzz and hum but also undesirable radio interference noise efficiently. With a lockable ¼” input jack, the DM3 provides a secure connection in the most demanding, fast-paced live or recording environments where snags can happen. Built with a robust, all-metal housing and an inline form factor to save precious space, the DM3 is less of a box and more of a compact all-rounder (pun intended). It certainly is the key to great sound!

Ultra-HiZ input for getting the best out of your instrument

With virtually no load on your instruments, the DM3 has a stunningly high 10 megaohms of input impedance, preserving the individual sound character of your instruments. The proven ultra-low noise technology from the Dynamite series of inline preamps ensures maximum signal quality even on low-output pickups.

Massive headroom for even the hottest instruments

Built to handle even the highest output levels of the hottest active pickups, any keyboard, drum machine, synthesizer or laptop, to name a few sources. The DM3 can easily handle the roaring output of a 10,000-watt solid-state power amplifier (285 Vrms or 805 Vp-p)! If the signal is too hot, lower the input signal by 15 or 30 dB with the integrated, recessed attenuation pad switch to accommodate any input load.

A new standard to the ground lift switch

The DM3’s recessed three-stage ground lift switch not only reduces unwanted buzz and hum but also reduces hiss and radio frequency interference. Dial in the perfect setting for the cleanest signal, whether you are in the studio, recording at home, on stage at a concert venue, or in a worship setting.

Lockable ¼” input jack

The show must go on – and with a lockable ¼” jack, you can count on it! Ideal for any setting, the DM3’s lockable switch makes sure your signal is safe from any accidental snags. However, the locking mechanism can be disengaged if preferred.

Dedicated Class-A output buffer amplifier and premium finish

State-of-the-art electronics provide the lowest noise in its class, and proven Class-A design prevents zero-crossover distortion from being added to the signal. The DM3 ruthlessly buffers the signal independent from load impedance or cable length so that you can always count on a powerfully clean and consistent signal with a sleek finish that will last for years and years to come.

Slim, all-metal discrete housing and gold XLR connectors

The DM3’s all-metal design, high-quality manufacturing standards, robust construction, and gold-plated XLR connector provide a roadworthy design and reliable loss-free signal in an exceptionally compact form factor. The DM3 connects directly to interfaces, mixers, stage boxes, or any standard XLR input with no extra cable needed. All while being compact enough to fit in a pocket or hang from the included sE ¼” plug keychain, so great sound is always by your side.

What’s in the Box:

  • DM3 Black
  • Screwdriver
  • sE 1/4″ plug keychain
  • User manual with warranty card

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