Waves FIT Controller for eMotion LV1

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FIT Controller for eMotion LV1

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FIT is the ultimate hands-on control unit for the Waves eMotion LV1 live software mixer. This device has been co-engineered by Waves Audio and expert MIDI control manufacturer MIDIPLUS to offer live sound engineers intuitive tactile control of the world’s best live software mixer.

Waves FIT’s quick and efficient operation is made possible with 16+1 motorized faders, each featuring a bright display, as well as common controls like Mute, Solo, Select, and a multi-function rotary control.

Fader layers offer dedicated 1-8 layer switches for toggling between the 8 factory or custom layers in the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer. 16 rotary controls can be set to control preamp gain or pan per channel with their label shown in the display, and the 16 Select channel toggles can be set to ‘USER’ mode to provide easy access to Mute Groups and user-assignable keys with their text labels displayed.

This versatile device also offers a Tap Tempo pad, a Touch & Turn knob for controlling any eMotion LV1 parameter. Additionally, common LV1 functions and modes can be controlled from the UTILITY section, where some of the controlled functions can be customized by the user.

FIT weighs only 9.43 lbs and can be fitted with rack ears into a 19” 7U rack space. The device’s rear connections include a USB B for computer connection, 12V 2A DC power input, and two 5v 0.5A USB outlets for LED lighting.

Fully integrated with the eMotion LV1 mixer (sold separately)16+1 touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders16+1 bright strip displays16+1 clickable rotary encoders8 fader layer selectorsTap tempo padTouch & Turn knob for controlling any eMotion LV1 parameter2 USB LED light portsUSB 2.0 connectivityFits in a 19” 7U rack space

Typical eMotion LV1 Setup with the FIT Controller

An eMotion LV1 system consists of at least the following:

  • Host computer: Controls the eMotion LV1 mixer as well as the SoundGrid network that connects all devices. The eMotion LV1 application is located on this computer, as are your plugins and preset files. eMotion LV1 runs on both Mac and Windows and supports multiple displays
  • SoundGrid server: This is where your plugins are being processed. The power of the server has direct impact on the number of plugin instances you can run
  • At least one SoundGrid I/O: Ranging from 2-channel preamps to multiple 128-channel audio interfaces (such as the DiGiGrid MGB/MGO SoundGrid-to-MADI I/Os). All I/O devices are connected to the SoundGrid network via Ethernet
    SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch: Links the host computer, the server, and all I/O devices
  • Waves FIT control surface

Large eMotion LV1 Setup with the FIT ControllerHere is a larger eMotion LV1 mixer setup, with extra control surfaces, more audio interfaces, a redundant server, and more:

  • Host computer running the eMotion LV1 mixer
  • Second multi-touch screen for eMotion LV1 (optional)
  • SoundGrid server
  • Redundant SoundGrid server (optional)
  • SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch
  • SoundGrid I/O
  • Additional computer for playback/recording (optional)
  • Waves FIT control surface
  • Outside feed

When multiple devices are used on stage, it is advisable to connect all of them to a single Ethernet switch that connects to the main switch. Daisy-chaining Ethernet connections in these setups is not advisable.

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