June 25, 2024

3rd Wave

New sampling capabilities: 3rd Wave now supports sample recording, import, and playback.

This much-requested new feature allows owners to sample up to 30 seconds of 16-bit, 48 kHz, monophonic audio into the synth directly or by importing audio over USB, and use it as a new oscillator type alongside the 3rd Wave’s powerful wavetable and virtual analog sound engines. This significantly expands the sound palette of the synthesizer. Now owners can create custom sounds that feature sampled acoustic instruments, sound effects, and other sources.

Each multi-sample slot can contain a single sample or a collection of up to eight multi-samples spread across the keyboard. Each sample within a multi-sample slot can have its own independent loop, crossfade, key range, and tuning settings.

For those current owners, just jump across to the support page for details and downloads: Groove Synthesis support

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