Retro Program Card

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Retro Program Card




The Easel Retro Program Card allows for the creation of physical presets for the 208 Stored Program Sound Source. The position of almost every knob and slider on the front panel of the 208 can be set by soldering resistors on the Program Card. By putting the 208 in remote control mode, it is possible to access the instrument definition hardwired on the card, or the switch can be left in the middle position for new, unpredictable settings that are a combination of the current 208 front panel control settings, and the Program Card.

With some basic soldering and circuit knowledge, you can design your own presets with this old-school analog program card blank and hone your DIY skills.


  • Blank analog program card for designing your own sounds from scratch
  • Fully labeled layout for intuitive soldering choices
  • Compatible with Command, 208C, and 2013–2019 Music Easel/LEM208

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