Waves Extreme Server

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Super-powerful DSP Server



Super-powerful Intel i7-based DSP unit

The Extreme Server will handle your heaviest mixing sessions, processing up to hundreds of plugins in real time and ultra-low latency.

Used on major tours and in pro studios, the SoundGrid Extreme server will let you run as many Waves and other SoundGrid-compatible plugins as you want, on as many channels as you’ve got, and give your live shows studio-grade sound. For example, you can throw plugins modeled on the world’s top consoles on each and every channel, and basically make your mixer sound like a classic top-tier desk.

SoundGrid Extreme delivers over 40% more power than SoundGrid Server One – just try these numbers on for size: over 500 instances of the Waves SSL E-Channel, CLA-2A or C6 Multiband Compressor plugins, with latency as low as 0.8 milliseconds!

Housed in a rugged rack-mounted 2U chassis, the Extreme server is a massive upgrade to any studio or live mixing system, unleashing your creative mixing powers session after session, night after night.

Read MoreAdds massive processing power to your systemUltra-low latency: as low as 0.8 milliseconds at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHzMinimal fan noise: fan speed auto-adjusts based on CPU temperatureUse with any SoundGrid I/O interface (including DiGiGrid I/Os)Use with non-SoundGrid I/Os (ASIO/Core Audio) via SoundGrid Connect: See complete instructionsLED status indicator for easy identification of the serverRugged Neutrik etherCon connectorCPU: Intel® Skylake i78 GB RAMFree 1-year warranty; Extended warranties available