sE Electronics BL8 Omni

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Omni directional boundary microphone




The next weapon in sE’s boundary microphone series for a variety of applications from board rooms to arenas and studios alike.

The BL8 has already proven itself to be an amazingly versatile microphone with a range of different uses, especially for placing in a bass drum, and now the BL8 Omni with its new capsule adds another level of use.

  • Featuring sE’s renowned 1/2″ true-condenser sE8 omni capsule
  • Transformerless Class-A circuitry ensures plentiful headroom without distortion
  • High sensitivity and low-noise electronics with stunning transparency
  • Incredible dynamic range in all areas
  • Character switch provides classic & modern voicings
  • Integrated low-cut filter & pre-attenuation pad enable a variety of applications
  • Gold-plated XLR connector for loss-free and reliable signal connection

With its bullet-proof, tank-like build and omni-directional capability, the BL8 Omni is your go-to mic for a range of corporate and musical environments. The hand-crafted gold-sputtered 1/2″ true-condenser capsule delivers unparalleled clarity and uses the same omni-directional capsule as the renowned sE8 omni. Plus, the omni capsule can be swapped out for our cardioid sE8 capsule to enable a wider spectrum of applications such as kick drums and high SPL sources.


The integrated low-cut filter and pre-attenuation pad further enhance the BL8 omni adaptability, enabling tone control before reaching any system or console. The BL8 omni is a game-changer that will elevate your musical and corporate experience.


Optional character switches for classic or modern voicings (just like our TEC award-winning V KICK!) enable the ability to both cut and shape the low-mids to emphasize transients and punch. In its center position, the capsule’s neutral response is retained.


The BL8 omni offers a remarkable advantage with its versatile interchangeable capsule options. Being fully compatible with the sE8 cardioid capsule, the BL8 omni can effortlessly cater to any sonic requirement and environment. Although the sE8 cardioid capsule is not included with the BL8 omni, it is an excellent investment for any comprehensive mic collection.


The BL8 omni microphone is the perfect solution for hassle-free installation in offices, boardrooms, music venues, theaters, and houses of worship. The mounting brackets are conveniently indicated on the bottom of the BL8 omni and can be easily accessed by removing the casing. Then, the BL8 omni can be securely mounted onto any flat surface.

Technical Specification

Capsule Hand-crafted small-diaphragm true condenser capsule
Polar patterns Omni-directional
Frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 50 mV/Pa (-26 dBV)
Max. SPL (0.5% THD) 143 / 153 / 163 dB SPL (0/10/20 dB attenuation pad)
Equivalent noise level 14 dB(A)
Dynamic range 129 / 139 / 149 dB (0/10/20 dB attenuation pad)
Signal-to-noise ratio 86 dB
Low-cut filter 80 / 160 Hz, 6 dB/oct, switchable
Attenuation pad 10 / 20 dB, switchable
Powering 48 Volts according to IEC 61938
Electrical impedance 60 Ohms
Recommended load impedance >1k Ohms
Current consumption 5.0 mA
Connectivity 3-pin male XLR connector
Dimensions 139 x 95 x 28.5 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 538 g

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