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3-way active studio monitor

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One25A: Three-way Active Studio Monitor

Amphion One25A is a 3-way studio monitor that is true to Amphion core strengths of advanced acoustic design, simple signal path, naturalness and high level resolution enhanced with the benefits of active design, without any of the downsides.

Know-how from the highest level of instrument building was applied for resonance control and energy transfer to ensure that not only the technical, but also goals regarding emotionality and musicality, were met. An innovative sealed dual cabinet improves clarity of all frequencies by separating the midrange from the hexagon shaped bass enclosure, which eliminates standing waves. Plenty of amplifier headroom, elegant simple active crossover, and protection limiter, which is only in the signal path when needed all contribute to highest level of resolution.

Sealed dual cabinet

The internal bracing is designed both as a stiffening support structure as well as a physical energy dispersion filter. At the same time utilizing the mass of the sub-driver and how it is connected to the enclosure and bracing structure to control the resonance of the whole enclosure in a desired way.








  Industry leading translation

Trusting what you hear builds confidence, ensures better results and raises productivity. Amphion monitoring allows focusing on things that count which saves time and helps meet the ever tightening deadlines.

  Pinpoint imaging

Due to their phase coherence and pinpoint imaging, Amphion monitors translate precisely to any playback device, as they allow you to correctly reproduce information in all planes including width, height, and depth.

  Simple, refined signal path

Active speakers typically suffer from a lack of resolution due to their complex signal paths. The One25A is free of dynamics and detail-degrading DSP and AD/DA stages, which leads to maximum resolution and performance.

  Isolated independent chambers

New midrange and tweeter are in an isolated sealed chamber which minimizes the bass woofer’s negative effects like pressure changes, leading to high midrange and treble resolution ensuring crystal clear transparency.

  Acoustic symmetry

The baffle around the midrange is acoustically symmetrical, which leads to smooth frequency curve and precise imaging. Amphions proprietary 5th generation U/D/D improve driver integration and speaker performance in a room.

  Removable Amp Pack

Placing the amplifier inside the monitor negatively interferes with moving elements. All the electronics of One25A are housed outside the cabinet in a rigid steel enclosure, which is also removable for soffit mounting.

Compact design, classic Amphion performance
To achieve the highest signal integrity and the sonic transparency Amphion is known for, a minimalistic cross-over design was needed. Building on the 2-way active circuitry of the Amphion Base-units, a mastering grade resolution is now available in an active 3-way monitor. Key factors such as high bandwidth, no higher order or cross-over distortion and excellent signal-to-noise ratio translate into an effortless and rich listening experience.

In terms of electronics, One25A’s matched amplifiers provide excellent headroom and full-range power suitable for all applications including music creation, film and TV scoring, and audio post-production. Electronic components are located on the exterior and are well isolated from the speaker enclosure, which not only improves performance but ensures long life and easy serviceability as well as adaptation to soffit mounting. As with Amphion’s passive monitor designs, the One25A achieves the benefits of pure, short, signal path that maximizes dynamics, resolution, and emotional transfer.

Electronic components are located on the exterior and are well isolated from the speaker enclosure, which not only improves performance but ensures easy serviceability as well as adaptation to soffit mounting.

Technical Specifications:

 Operating principle  Active, 3-way, sealed cabinet
 Tweeter    25 mm / 1” titanium (new)
 Mid        15 cm / 5¼” aluminium (new)
 Bass        25 cm / 10” aluminium
 Crossover points    100 Hz / 2000 Hz
 Amplifier power      Bass 700 W
​ Tweeter / Midrange  2 x 205 W THD + N 0,002% ​
 Frequency response  22 – 22 000 Hz (-3dB)
 Max SPL    112 dB
 Connections  Balanced XLR Input, 1x Female XLR, pin 2-hot   
 Mains      100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (Auto select)
 Measurements  316 H x 510 W x 487 mm D 
 Weight      41 kg
Handmade in Finland

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