April 24, 2019


Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish freelance mix engineer who has been in the touring industry for more than 15 years. DiGiGrid spoke to him recently about his career and his experiences using DiGiGrid sound products.

I have worked at many music venues where I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of amazing artists, and some of them ended up bringing me on their tours. I work mainly with Danish artists including Volbeat and Jacob Dinesen but most recently have toured with Die Antwoord, Babymetal, King Diamond and Hammerfall.

Ever since I had the choice, I have been touring with my DiGiGrid MGB, DiGiCo desks, and SoundGrid network products. The SoundGrid ecosystem makes it easy to integrate new options, whether it’s multitrack recording, local I/O or plugin processing.

I’ve used many of the DiGiGrid systems, including DiGiGrid MGB for stage I/O and multitrack recording, DiGiGrid IOS and IOC for local I/O, and the SoundGrid network for real-time plugin processing.

The DiGiGrid products have really helped me improve my workflow. I believe the key word is flexibility – this technology never tells you ‘No’. I have the possibility to customise my workflow and work surface to meet my needs and demands; I don’t have to build my work around the limitations of technology. DiGiGrid and the SoundGrid network gives me these amazing products, whether it is preparing a session at home for a tour with multitrack recording, building a complex drive and mix rack, using my DiGiCo desk, using my Waves Lv1 desk or just bringing a DiGiGrid MGB box on a fly date to track the show.

The products also offer outstanding audio quality, and they are very durable. They are easy to use and make it very quick to configure an otherwise complex setup of routing, recording and processing.

I would absolutely recommend any DiGiGrid products for every application – and that is the thing, there is always a DiGiGrid product that fits your needs, whether it is a large or small scale audio production.

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