Massive news for IK Multimedia's Axe I/O and Axe I/O Solo: AmpliTube 5 announced for Q4 2020!

Massive news for IK Multimedia's Axe I/O and Axe I/O Solo: AmpliTube 5 announced for Q4 2020!

IK Multimedia has announced a vast update for their highly-acclaimed guitar amp/effects modelling suite, AmpliTube 5, which comes bundled with their guitar-centric Axe I/O audio interfaces.

Once released in Q4 2020, future stock of Axe I/O Solo and Axe I/O will ship with AmpliTube 5 and AmpliTube 5 MAX (respectively) in the box with no increase in price. Best of all, anybody registering existing stock of Axe I/O Solo and Axe I/O after October 15th 2020, will be eligible for a free upgrade to AmpliTube 5 and Amplitube 5 MAX (respectively). 

What does this mean for the musician?
– outstanding value for money;
– more authentic sounding results.

An extensively re-engineered release, AmpliTube 5 offers even more gear models, a newly-designed resizable GUI, advanced signal chain routing options, a cutting-edge new cabinet section and enhanced sound and accuracy throughout thanks to IK’s ground-breaking 3D Volumetric Impulse Response (VIR) technology. 

A massive 129 new gear models have been added, while the existing gear models have been remodelled giving a palette of over 400 ultra-realistic models. With the addition of further gear models, new features and greater flexibility overall, IK has raised the bar of what can be expected from amp simulator software for the year 2020.

All-New Ergonomic GUI

Existing and new users alike will relish the all-new GUI featuring a modernised ergonomic layout and a new level of realism. Now wholly scalable, it better accommodates any display size for greater comfort, especially when using latest-generation 4K or Super Ultra-wide monitors.

IK Multimedia’s engineering team revisited all of the original AmpliTube legacy gear, adding a fresh new look, optimised internal gain structure and superior power amp/speaker interaction to maximise realism and feel. With 100 entirely re-measured cabs, two new stomps, five new amps, a new cab, and two new room simulations, for guitarists driven to explore new tonal frontiers, AmpliTube 5 delivers a vast new sonic playground!

Advanced Signal Routing

With the new signal routing possibilities in AmpliTube5, you can seriously get deep!

Beyond mere mono and stereo, the new customisable signal chain now possesses wet-dry-wet configurations and other advanced series and parallel routing possibilities with support for up to 57 simultaneous gear models spread between stomps, racks, amps and cabs.

Volumetric Impulse Response Technology

Check out this video showing how IK’s engineers developed a robotic rig for capture of IRs

The wholly re-engineered Cabinet section features IK’s new Volumetric Impulse Response (VIR™) technology. To deliver the highest standard of accuracy and realism, IK painstakingly measured 600 IRs per speaker of every existing and new cabinet model, for a total of 143,000 IRs. This process modelled an extensive, 3D array of mic placement options – each capturing the interactions between speakers, cabinet and floor – for a completely true-to-life sound. In-fact, IK developed their own robotic rig for capturing these IRs demonstrated in the video below.

All of this is accessible with a new 3D grid user-interface that allows users to snap the cabinet section’s movable mics to precise IR points or seamlessly blend between these points.

Import your own Impulse Responses

Although it was possible to coax previous AmpliTube versions to make use of user impulse response libraries, the user interface properly supports it allowing further tweaking – find the ideal match for your desired tone.

New Mixer Window

A new Mixer window in the Studio section complements the expanded signal chain options and internal eight-track recorder with integrated DAW functionality.

It allows users to blend their cabinet and microphone sounds, plus the DI signal, and make use of panning, levels, busses and 19 built-in effects with a collection derived from T-RackS 5.

AmpliTube 5’s built-in eight-track recorder

Redesigned Custom Shop

The Custom Shop functionality has been overhauled with a sleek, modern, user-interface. This improved design makes it easier to demo and unlock gear models faster, sort by the gear models owned or not, unlock preset-specific gear models, and much more!

Axe I/O Solo + AmpliTube 5: $579.99 RRP (AUD)
Includes 176 gear models – all the essential fruit at a breakthrough price!

Axe I/O + AmpliTube 5 MAX: $889.99 RRP (AUD)
Includes 416 gear models – go all in! For those who just has to have it all.

NOTE: AmpliTube 5 CS (Custom Shop) and AmpliTube 5 SE (budget version of AmpliTube 5) also available. 

Additional information on software-only variants of AmpliTube 5 and non-grace-period upgrade pricing from versions of earlier AmpliTube versions can be found on IK Multimedia’s website.