September 24, 2019

Sweetwater Reviews iLoud MTM

“Very versatile monitors for home, project, and commercial studios.”

Sweetwater, the largest online retailer of musical instruments and pro audio equipment in the United States, recently featured iLoud MTM on their popular overview series on YouTube.  Touching on every feature from the built-in DSP-control, phase coherent sound, extended low end, built-in ARC calibration, and more, Mitch Gallagher explains why iLoud MTM is the perfect addition to every studio.  He concludes by saying they are “very versatile monitors for home, project, and commercial studios”.  Watch the full overview below.

Click here to learn more about iLoud MTM and get yours today.

September 21, 2019

Finger Drumming with UNO Drum

Edward Bocanegra shows off finger drumming with UNO Drum

Watch as talented musician Edward Bocanegra shows off finger drumming on UNO Drum, IK’s new analog/PCM drum machine, in this new video. Edward jams along with our physically modeled bass virtual instrument MODO BASS while he makes some great beats on the fly.  Check out how responsive and playable UNO Drum’s touch-sensitive pads and dual velocity zones are, to see how you can use this on-stage to create amazing grooves.

Watch the video below:

Get your fingers ready and pick up UNO Drum so you can start making some great beats!

September 17, 2019

9to5Toys Reviews UNO Drum

“I really didn’t expect it to be as feature-rich and useable as it is.”

9to5Toys got hands-on with UNO Drum to decifer if its sound is bigger than its size.  After some time, 9to5Toys concluded that UNO Drum “really goes hard if you want it to and you will get evicted from your apartment if you let it”, so we’re going to classify it as a winner!  Here are some takeaways from the review below:

“At just $249.99 shipped, UNO Drum — much like its melodic counterpart — is a great gateway drug into hardware instruments…If you’re on the fence about getting into music production or have a hard time getting inspired with an entirely laptop-based setup, this little UNO drum machine is certainly worth a closer look.”

“The sounds are actually quite nice… I personally loved the option to be able to flip back and forth between the PCM sounds and the analog engine.”

All-in-all, I am impressed with the UNO drum machine. Considering the price tag and beginner nature of the device, I really didn’t expect it to be as feature-rich and useable as it is.”

“There’s no way those completely flush buttons are going to break off in your bag or when some drunk knocks it off the DJ table.

UNO Drum is your invitation into the hardware world.  Get huge, yet portable analog sound without breaking the bank.  Learn more about UNO Drum here.

September 13, 2019

MusicRadar ranks AXE I/O the Best guitar interface right now

“If it’s good enough for Joe Satriani…”

MusicRadar has unveiled their round-up of the very best guitar audio interfaces – And AXE I/O tops the list at the number 1 spot!  Against several hard hitting industry contenders, MusicRadar has chosen AXE I/O as the best of the best. In particular, they were impressed by its range of tones and effects.

Here are some of the comments from their recent review:

“The secret sauce here is the Z-Tone knob, which changes the input impedance and can undertake more dramatic tonal shading.”

“Why buy AXE I/O over any other audio interface? Well, as audio interfaces go, this one has all the facilities you’d need for standard recording tasks and being able to take input from microphones, line level sources and instruments.”

Their final verdict was:

“And with phantom power for condenser mics, MIDI/expression pedal connections to control Amplitube, as well as an onboard tuner, the AXE I/O proves to be one of the best equipped audio interfaces available for guitarists. If it’s good enough for Joe Satriani…”

If that is not enough, iRig HD 2 also hits the big time in this exclusive ranking. Here some comments from their recent review:

“With 24-bit/96kHz operation, the iRig HD 2 sounds good and nothing is lost because it ports a digital version of your guitar sound to its high-tech destination.”

“A fantastic tool – with the included software, this is a brilliant entry into using your guitar with digital devices – and a no-brainer for iPhone users.”

“Simple? You bet! But with AmpliTube 4 for Mac and PC as well as AmpliTube for iOS included in the deal, you get a whole lot of interface here.”

Read the full story on MusicRadar
Learn more about AXE I/O
Learn more about iRig HD 2

September 10, 2019

AXE I/O Artist Round-up

Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, and more talk about the benefits of using AXE I/O.

Since its release, AXE I/O has made its way into home studios, production rooms, travel rigs, and more all across the world!  Designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, AXE I/O takes what you know about a typical recording interface and challenges it to be better.  Every element of AXE I/O has been created with no-compromise quality and real-world usefulness – including both PURE and JFET input stages, a patent-pending Z-Tone™ impedance-adapting circuit, a dedicated Amp Out, and so much more.

Our IK artists have incorporated AXE I/O into their different studios, all finding a different reason to love it.  Check out what some of today’s most skilled guitarists are saying about AXE I/O, IK’s premium audio interface with advanced guitar features:

“AXE I/O ups my game in the studio. When I saw this, I thought ‘oh wow this is great. I know exactly how I’m going to use this.”
 Joe Satriani

“Between AmpliTube and the AXE I/O, I get unlimited combinations of real amp sounds; even at home. Its re-amping gone mad.”
– Marty Friedman

“The AXE I/O is the ultimate interface for guitar players… If you are a recording guitarist, you need this.”
– Gus G

“It covers every base wherever you are… in the studio or on the road”
– Mike Orlando

“I’ve just finished tracking all my guitar parts for the new Testament album and only used the Axe I/O… Don’t record your guitar without it.”

– Alex Skolnick

September 6, 2019

Megasynth on UNO Drum: “It’s easy and intuitive to use making it a great live tool”

“The UNO Drum is one step ahead with its mixture of analog and PCM sounds”

Megasynth‘s expert reviewer Gerald Dellmann has taken an in-depth look at UNO Drum, IK’s new analog drum machine and very much likes what he discovers.

Read some of his key comments here.

“Operation is very comfortable… Very streamlined, saves space and easy to use.”

“The UNO Drum offers the promised sounds and quality. This little fellow sounds very good and powerful. The sound palette is very broad thanks to the 60 sounds and the editing possibilities. You can go into the direction of the 808 or 909 with the UNO Drum but you can also program mainstream sounds. The range is very comprehensive thanks to the many settings.”

“IK Multimedia’s entry into hardware drum machines is a success with the UNO Drum. The operation is easy and intuitive which definitely makes it a great live tool. The UNO Drum scores with 60 different sounds (analog and PCM), it’s one step ahead. The sound is very good and the sound editing possibilities do the rest. The device is small and therefore easy to carry around. IK Multimedia’s UNO Drum is more than a serious contender in the affordable price category… the small Italian is more than a good choice.”

+ Sound
+ 60 sounds
+ Analog and PCM sounds
+ The editing possibilities of the instruments
+ Easy operation
+ Pattern automation
+ USB/MIDI interface
+ 100 kits/100 patterns
+ Full MIDI implementation

Sound – 4
Features – 4.5
Ease of use/Interface –  4.5
Construction –  4
Price – 4.5

Here are some quotes from the original review in German.

“Die Bedienung ist recht angenehm… Übersichtlich, platzsparend und gut zu bedienen.”

“Die UNO Drum bietet die Sounds und die Klangqualität, die man erwartet. Der kleine Kerl klingt gut und druckvoll. Die Soundpalette ist dank der 60 Sounds und der möglichen Klangbearbeitung sehr umfangreich. Man kann mit dem UNO Drum in Richtung 808 oder 909 gehen, aber auch Mainstream-Sounds programmieren. Die Bandbreite ist aufgrund der umfangreichen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten hoch.”

“Mit dem UNO Drum gelingt IK Multimedia der Einstieg in den Bereich der Hardware-Drumcomputer.Die Bedienung ist einfach und intuitiv, was den IK Multimedia definitiv zu einem Instrument für den Live-Einsatz macht. Uno Drum punktet natürlich auch mit den 60 verschiedenen Klangfarben (analog und PCM), da hat er die Nase vorn. Der Klang ist gut und die Möglichkeiten der Klangbearbeitung tun ein Übriges.
Das Gerät ist klein und leicht und damit gut zu transportieren. IK
 Multimedia UNO Drum ist ein mehr als ernstzunehmender Herausforderer im unteren Preissegment… ist der kleine Italiener eine mehr als gute Wahl.”

+ Klang
+ 60 Sounds
+ Analog- und PCM-Sounds
+ Instrumente klanglich gut bearbeitbar
+ Einfache Bedienung+ Pattern-Automation
+ USB/MIDI-Interface
+ 100 Kits/100 Pattern
+ Volle MIDI-Implementation

Sound  – 4
Ausstattung –  4.5
Bedienung/Oberfläche  – 4.5
Verarbeitung –  4
Preis – 4.5

Read the full review in German on Megasynth

September 5, 2019

MusicTech on UNO Drum: “Delivers beyond its weight”

“An impressive amount of beat action to be had from this diminutive box”

MusicTech‘s editor at large, Andy Jones, recently took the opportunity to get up close and personal with UNO Drum. He was impressed by its analogue richness and performance features.

Here are some of his key comments:

“The analogue sound will hit you right between the ears straight away, the first kick having a huge, rich and rounded tone.”

“You should never judge a hardware instrument on its weight.”

“Interestingly, the digital PCM sounds are all recorded at 32kHz and 12-bit to give UNO Drum ‘an old-school vibe’ which I quite like – both the idea and the results.”

“With all of the Matrix options in place, you can see that using the various parameters does introduce a lot of variation. Even using UNO’s tuning feature alone, for example, you are massively expanding its sonic reach.”

“There is an impressive variety of kits, from the more robotic-like number 80 to many an 808/909-alike, to even the odd almost acoustic-like kit, although the emphasis is, as stated and perhaps expectedly, very much on the electronic side of music production.”

“Overall, the sequencer really is one of the most powerful parts of UNO Drum, yet surprisingly easy to get your head around.”

“UNO Drum is a more sonically flexible piece of hardware than you might initially think. You can certainly manipulate each of its 60 available kit sounds to an impressive degree to produce a huge variety of beats – and the sequencing and programming options are both deep and easy to employ.”

Andy’s final verdict is:

“There is an impressive amount of beat action to be had from this diminutive box and I can see it working well linked and sync’d up to the UNO Synth. The performance options are also very hands-on and usable and give UNO Drum some flexible live credentials. UNO Drum is another  small and lightweight piece of IK hardware that delivers beyond its weight.”

Key Plusses:
+ Feature-packed drum machine
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Buss or battery powered
+ Good performance options
+ Sequencer is dead easy to use
+ Lovely analogue sounds
+ Impressive sonic flexibility

September 2, 2019

Buy UNO, get a TRIO Sale

Register UNO Synth or UNO Drum, and get Syntronik* for free!

This month, we want you to get more out of your UNOs with our Buy UNO, get a TRIO Sale.  From September 2nd through September 30th, register UNO Synth or UNO Drum, and get 3 free Syntronik Singles of your choice from the list below.  Or, register UNO Synth and Drum, to complete your duo*, and get Syntronik full for free.

*Customers who already own either UNO Drum or UNO Synth only need to register the other to get Syntronik full.

Eligible Singles are:

Syntronik – T-03

  • Iconic bass sounds of the Roland TB-303

Syntronik – SAM

  • Iconic sounds of the Oberheim SEM synthesizer

Syntronik – Polymorph

  • Based on the Polymoog, Opus 3, Rogue, and Concertmate MG-1

Syntronik – 99

  • Our take on the Yamaha SY99

Syntronik – Blau

  • Classic sounds of the PPG Wave 2.3

Syntronik – Bully

  • The iconic bass sounds of the Moog Taurus I, II, and 3

Syntronik – DCO-X

  • Based on the Roland JX series classic synths

Syntronik – Galaxy

  • Our take on the Alesis Andromeda

Syntronik – Harpy 260

  • Iconic sounds of the ARP 2600

Syntronik – J-60

  • Based on the Juno 60, including chorus

Syntronik – J-8

  • Iconic sounds of the Roland Jupiter series

Syntronik – Minimod

  • Our take on the Minimoog, Modular and Voyager synths

Syntronik – Noir

  • Based on the Moog Prodigy, Micromoog and the Multimoog

Syntronik – OXa

  • Based on the Oberheim OB-X and OB-Xa

Syntronik – Pro-V

  • Classic sounds of the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10

Syntronik – String Box

  • Based on ARP, Elka, Hohner, and Roland string machines

Syntronik – V-80

  • Classic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80, GX-1 and CS-01

How to qualify for the promotion:

1. Purchase UNO Synth or UNO Drum from the IK online store or any participating IK Reseller.
2. Register your product online via the IK Multimedia website.
3. Go to your User Area and click on ‘Promotions’ to view the details and fill out the online redemption form.

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