July 31, 2019

iLoud MTM Now Shipping

IK Multimedia’s highly anticipated studio monitors are on their way!

The wait is over, iLoud MTM studio monitors are en route.  Prepare for your perception of studio monitors to be completely shattered as iLoud MTM plays music like you’ve never heard before.  After shocking the industry with the size and power of iLoud Micro Monitor, IK was challenged to push its concept even further – to design a new compact speaker to rival 5”, 6” and even 8” monitors.  The result is iLoud MTM, and you have to hear them to believe it.

iLoud MTM offers an ultra-flat frequency response, but more importantly, a truly linear phase response – a premiere feature in this price segment available only on a handful of products costing considerably more. This gives iLoud MTM a natural, true-to-life sound made possible by IK’s advanced DSP expertise.

iLoud MTM uses audiophile-grade, high resolution algorithms and top-of-the line A/D converters to carefully manage cross-overs, filtering, time alignment, equalization, dynamics control and auto-calibration.  Prepare to hear instruments and dialogue as if they were happening live, discover more detail in your tracks than ever before, and avoid wasting hours trying to EQ away issues that were never there.

iLoud MTM studio monitors

With a generous 100W RMS power and a class-defying 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response, iLoud MTM are extremely loud and clear.  Incredible accuracy and transparency, deep and defined bass, precise stereo imaging at any distance, and automatic room calibration, all in a monitor that’s small enough to fit on any desktop. 

iLoud MTM monitors feature built-in, one-touch acoustic auto-calibration derived from IK’s award winning ARC™ System, with IK’s reference ARC™ microphone included, to easily adjust the frequency response to your positioning.

iLoud MTM uses a midrange-tweeter-midrange symmetrical design, with a pair of 3.5” high performance woofers and one 1” high definition tweeter, which provide ultra-precise, defined, point-source sound that can’t be achieved by traditional 2-way systems at close distances.  The result is a more natural, life-like sound that minimizes the ear fatigue caused by traditional 2- or 3-way designs where different frequencies arrive at the listener’s ears at different times, so you can mix longer with less effort.

iLoud MTM studio monitor point-source and vertical dispersion

iLoud MTM offers:

  • Ultra-flat frequency response
  • Phase-coherent sound
  • Extended, controlled low end
  • Superior sound at short distances
  • ARC self-calibration adjusts to any room
  • DSP-controlled for superior performance
  • 100W RMS total power per speaker
  • 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response
  • 0° – 20° tilting stand for ideal positioning

iLoud MTM is the perfect studio monitor for the producers of today.  From highly treated studio spaces to a spare bedroom, iLoud MTM will sound great in any environment it faces.  With its symmetrical design and phase-coherent response, iLoud MTM offers ultra-focused, accurate monitoring anywhere.  Designed with you in mind, iLoud MTM brings a new type of quality to your home studio.

July 30, 2019

Mike Orlando on AXE I/O

“It covers every base wherever you are…in the studio or on the road.”

Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob and Sonic Stomp recently made the great addition of using AXE I/O for recording guitar in his studio.  The Sonic Stomp studio is fully equipped for recording every kind of music imaginable, and now has AXE I/O to really bring the magic to recording guitar.  Complimenting its quality and usability, with the JFET knob, Active/Passive switch, and many ins and outs, Mike Orlando talks about how helpful AXE I/O has become for him both in the studio and on the road.  Check out the full video below.

Since we pioneered guitar amp & effects modeling in 2002, IK Multimedia has spent more time studying guitar and amp recording than possibly anyone else on the planet.  AXE I/O encompasses all of those years of experience, giving you a recording interface made for what guitarists really want.

Paired with AmpliTube, which it includes for free, AXE I/O becomes a total guitarist paradise.  With the reamping feature, AXE I/O has access to hundreads of amazing tones straight through AmpliTube, with a convenitent preset knob to easily search through the sounds.

Mike Orlando is the guitarist/founding member of the explosive hard rock group Adrenaline Mob and guitarist in Brazilian metal act Noturnall.  As owner of his own recording studio, Sonic Stomp Studios, he handles everything from engineering, producing, mixing & mastering. Mike has engineered, co-produced, mixed & mastered Adrenaline Mob’s ‘Coverta’, ‘Men Of Honor’ & ‘Dearly Departed’ releases on EMI & Century Media Records.  Read more on Mike Orlando here.

Click here to learn more about how AXE I/O can benefit your recording process.

Click here to learn more about AmpliTube 4.

July 29, 2019

New KC Gilmore UNO Synth Presets

Check out our new wave of presets from this rising artist!

Rising House music artist from Florida, KC Gilmore, presents to you the newest set of UNO Synth presets.  With a mix of House and Techno elements, KC delivers an amazing pack of sounds to take your production to the next level.  With fat, bouncy kicks, hovering drones, basslines, widespread pads, and more, this pack is a must-hear for music makers of all kind.

KC Gilmore is a producer and performer from Tampa, Florida. His music career began as a recording studio owner and operator where he worked on projects for over eighty different bands and musical artists. Armed with an extensive audio engineering background, KC is now focused on the creation of his own music and has plans to begin releasing from his catalog later this year. As this happens, you can certainly expect KC to be featured on prominent record labels as well as beginning to perform further throughout the North American territory.

Check out some of KC Gilmore’s music releases below.

To get your KC Gilmore UNO Synth Presets:

  1. Download your signature artist presets from Download Resources in My Products under UNO Synth
  2. Extract your downloaded files to your system
  3. Open UNO Synth Editor and click on PRESETS
  4. Drag and drop the preset folder to the Category window
  5. Once imported, click on TO HW to copy some or all presets to your UNO Synth
  6. Click on SEND to write the presets to your UNO Synth

All factory presets can be found in your ‘Related Downloads’ section for UNO Synth in your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account.

July 25, 2019

Joe Satriani on AXE I/O Reamping

Legendary guitarist on how reamping saved a track, AXE I/O, and more

Watch as legendary guitarist Joe Satriani talks about reamping and how it recently saved a track, and how AXE I/O is “a great tool to have” and how reamping is “exactly what this [AXE I/O] is for”.

You can do much more than reamping with AXE I/O, IK’s premium 2-in/5 out audio interface with amazing guitar-centric features as well as pristine mic preamps, and more.

AmpliTube is a guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC that works as a standalone application and as a plug-in for your favorite DAW. AmpliTube recreates the entire guitar/bass signal chain from instrument to recording device, and does so in a very realistic and intuitive way. But it also does it in ways you never dreamed possible.

July 25, 2019

Bonedo awards iLoud MTM with 4.5 / 5 stars

“IK does not just promise the highest precision but the iLoud MTMs do deliver it impressively.” Hats off! “

Bonedo ‘s expert reviewer Patric Louis has given IK’s new iLoud MTM nearfield studio monitor a detailed review of what he has discovered. 

Read some of his key comments here. 

What are you doing with the bass basses and how do you feel about the bass drums and the bass drums are really enjoyable and dwell in your belly? Therefore it must be achieved and IK Multimedia proves it here impressively … The iLoud MTMs live up to their name and promise. “

“IK Multimedia does not just promise the highest precision but the iLoud MTMS do deliver it impressively. Hats off! ” ” With Their honesty and no glossing over, the iLoud MTMS enable analytical monitoring, and that’s even at very low listening volumes. To me they sound astonishingly linear and sound-free, with a selection of DSP options. “ Verdict

The promised linear frequency and phase response, which is the manufacturer of DSP power and D’Appolito [MTM IK Multimedia’s iLoud MTMs sound surprisingly precise even in their basic setting and they do not camouflage anything at all. Thanks to the clean stereo image, razor sharp transients and unmuddled, powerful basses I have the feeling of monitoring with a precision tool. When it comes down to care fully listening and analytically working on mixes and sounds or for Example catching technical errors and editing them out, the iLoud MTMS are Exactly the right solution. “ 
+ precise, linear and neutral sound image 
+ tons of bass volume plus the compact size 
+ included measurement system 
+ flexible positioning horizontally, vertically or on a tripod 

Rating 4.5 / 5

Here are some quotes from the original review in English. 
“What I’m most amazed by, and what I do not believe at first, are the deep basses, how do you get 
such a bass response out of such small drivers just because of bass reflex and DSP power – the lowest frequencies, where bass drums Fun and punching is clearly audible, so it has to be somehow possible, 
because IK Multimedia are proving it impressively … The iLoud MTM lives up to its name. ” 

“IK Multimedia not only promises the highest levels of precision, but in my opinion, it can deliver this in an impressive way with the iLoud MTM . ” Chapeau.

With their honesty and lack of whitewashing, they enable analytical listening, even at very low listening volumes. Basically, the speakers sound in 
my opinion incredibly linear and free of resonance, and with the various DSP functions, I can adjust the frequency response of the monitoring to my liking a little bit. 

“Brutal, which deliver the small boxes to bass reproduction and also to overall volume – and they are brutally precise too 
– the advertised linearity of frequency response and phase behavior, which was promised by DSP Power and D’Appolito arrangement by the manufacturer is confirmed in the test. the IK multimedia iLoud MTM, for me, already in its basic setting unexpectedly precise and beautiful one bit. in the clean stereo image, the sharp transients and non-washed, powerful bass I listen to the impression with a precision tool. ..When it comes to listening carefully, approaching mixtures or sounds analytically or, for example, hearing technical errors and thus being able to eliminate them, IK Multimedia offers the right interception with its iLoud MTM. 


+ precise, linear, neutral sound 
+ a lot of bass volume despite the small size 
+ the enclosed measuring system 
+ flexible positioning horizontally, vertically or on tripod

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Read the full review in English on bonedo

July 24, 2019

Performer Magazine Reviews AXE I/O

“How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists?…”

Performer Magazine spent time working with our AXE I/O and all of its accompanying free software.  Touching on its features like Z-Tone, the passive or active pickup selector, the JFET or pure switch, and more, Performer Magazine rates AXE I/O with all positive qualities.  Complimenting AXE I/O‘s “excellent design” and “plenty of tonal options”, they says that “this is it” for the recording guitarist looking to get studio quality at home.  Here are some excerpts from the review:

How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists… IK’s done it masterfully with their new AXE I/O.

“Let’s talk about T-RackS; it’s insane, covering emulations of great studio hardware…”

[The amp out feature] is the easiest way of blending a real amp with the AmpliTube software at the same time.

“Another great feature is the ability to connect two external control pedals, like a channel switcher or an expression pedal. This now makes a laptop running AmpliTube a practical and viable live tool.”

Want to take tracks home from a studio and get amazing results without the hassles of booking time? Yeah, this is it.

Read the full review online or in Performer Magazine here on page 36.

July 24, 2019

Tom Brislin talks SampleTank 4

“SampleTank 4 is a powerful all in one instrument for live and studio.”

Tom Brislin, a current member of Kansas and The Sea Within, and veteran member of many more bands is very well-versed in the keyboarding world.  As a major contributor for Keyboard Magazine, Tom is the go-to man for knowledge on all things regarding keys.  As a long time user of IK products, from MODO Bass, to Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and more Tom took some time to speak with us about one of our newest releases, SampleTank 4.  This is what he said:

SampleTank 4 is a powerful all in one instrument for live and studio. I have all of the IK Multimedia virtual instruments loaded onto my laptop. I use MODO Bass when I need realistic basses, Syntronik for a variety of vintage synths, Miroslav Philharmonikfor orchestral sounds and SampleTank 4 for a little of everything.Tom Brislin (Kansas, The Sea Within)

SampleTank 4 is designed to be a go-to workstation for every kind of musician.  Whether you are a keyboardist, hip hop producer, electronic DJ, etc., you can always count on SampleTank 4 for the best creative experience possible.  With a fast and seamless workflow, endless editing capabilities, and over 260 GB of high quality sounds to work with, the possibilities are virtually endless!

July 23, 2019

sE Electronics Announces New V PACKS for Drums

At the Winter NAMM Show in January 2019, sE Electronics introduced the V SERIES for drums, consisting of the V KICK, V BEAT, and V CLAMP. Since their introduction, they have already been seen on stage with artists including Chris Stapleton, In Flames, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, The Wailers, Big Sean, and many others.

New for Summer 2019, sE has announced special bundles of these mics, called the V PACKS

The V PACK ARENA is sE’s top of the line drum pack, consisting of one V KICK for bass drum, three V BEATS and V CLAMPS for toms, one V7 X for snare, and a factory-matched stereo pair of sE8 condensers for overheads. All mics and their accessories come securely packaged inside a robust and distinctive sE flight case, with an empty space included to accommodate a hi-hat microphone.


All mics and accessories come securely packaged inside a robust and distinctive plastic flight case, with an empty space included to accommodate your favorite hi-hat mic.

July 15, 2019

Console 1 Power-user Tips

Softube Console 1 is a unique and powerful tool, carefully designed to improve your mixing workflow. In this video series, we demonstrate some of the features that help you achieve faster and better mixes. Enjoy!

1. Grouping Tracks

If you are using Console 1, then grouping tracks is super easy.  The first Power User Tip focuses on how we can save time and achieve better sonic results by using the group feature in Console 1.

2. Sidechaining

Sidechaining can be a powerful studio tip. In this one, we take a look at how to use Console 1 to take the output of one track and use it to control the gate or compressor of another track.

3. History Function

You should feel free to take some creative chances in your DAW. That’s why in this next Power User Tip we look at the history function in Console 1. You can take some creative chances, knowing that you can always come back to a previous point in time in your settings while using Console 1.

4. Copying Presets

If you have a chain of plug-ins you love using, or you want to copy settings between tracks, then this Power User Tip on saving presets and copying settings is going to make your Console 1 workflow way more efficent.

5. Solo Safe

Do you know how (or even when) to use solo safe? If not, don’t worry. Our Power User Tip on setting up solo safe will make sure that all of your tracks respond properly in your DAW when you are using Console 1.

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