June 27, 2019

A Very Unusual Use of The DM1 DYNAMITE

Though the DM1 DYNAMITE was designed to provide a +28dB boost of discrete Class-A gain for all your passive microphones, that’s not the ONLY use for it.

Watch this video to see how Arpad Sayko, FOH Engineer for Chris Stapleton, implements a DM1 DYNAMITE Active Inline Mic Preamp to fix a gain staging problem within his vocal signal path.

During a rehearsal at Clair Brothers for a 2019 Stapleton tour, Arpad noticed that he was getting very low gain when inserting an outboard channel strip (for dynamic EQ) into Chris’ vocal insert path. This caused a “pretty unacceptable” increase in noise floor, and the outboard unit’s threshold was set far too low – and input / output gains set far too high – for proper operation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.26.24 PM.png

Rather than giving up, Chris decided to insert a DM1 Dynamite (“with wonderful packaging, by the way!”) between the console and the channel strip. After some clever thinking and Y-splitter cable arrangement,“I now have a healthier gain structure, I’m in the ‘sweet spot’ of the piece of gear, the noise floor is squashed – and as a result, I get a better situation, I’m not maxing out my gain…results have been good!”

June 26, 2019

AXE I/O wins 5-Star Gold Award from Gearslutz

” Very, very good. Conveys the mojo of playing a real amp.”

AXE I/O has swept up the top scores in Gearslutz‘s in-depth review. Receiving the maximum 5 stars in every category: Sound Quality, Ease of Use, Features and Bang for Buck giving it an overall final score of 5 stars and a GearSlutz Gold Award.

Here are some of the key comments from reviewer Arthur Stone:

“The important thing is that in itself the sound was comfortable, clear, and detailed.”

“Using just the JFET and Passive settings and around 11 o’clock on the Z-tone I got a sweet, warm tone from a Tele FMT HH into the AXE I/O and out to a Fender Acoustasonic Junior amp. It sounded great.”

“The AXE I/O headphone amp is nice (tested with open-backed AKG K702’s) and non-fatiguing; good range of level from the ‘chunky’ dial. No noticeable gain-bunching.”

“Re-amping is a key feature of the AXE I/O; in use, the Amp Out circuitry (on jack) has the same attention to detail as the DI input. It is very low noise and grounded. A delight to use.”

“I had a sense that the designers had envisioned the studio connectivity problems faced by guitarists and eased the path to unleash god-like axe powers in the DAW era.”

“There was plentiful and effortless clean gain with a slightly creamy character. Not too clean. Not harsh. No distortion. The SM58 sounded good through the AXE I/O.”

“The sound quality for tracking/creating was notable: good definition, dynamics, and differentiation between sources.”

“Even if guitar isn’t your primary concern the AXE I/O is still worth considering: the mic inputs are on the rear so it offers a streamlined fascia on the desktop. A synth or keyboard can be DI’d, also there’s the re-amping capability to run hardware effects loops for mojo’ing-up ITB tracks.”

And the final verdict was:

“Very, very good. Both the hardware and software have real value: the AXE I/O is a fine guitar interface with high-quality sound, and the software conveys the mojo of playing a real amp.”

5 out of 5 – Sound Quality
5 out of 5 – Ease of Use
5 out of 5 – Features
5 out of 5 – Bang for Buck
5 out of 5 – Overall Score

AXE I/O receives Gearslutz 5-Star Gold Award

Read the full review on Gearslutz
Learn more about AXE I/O

June 26, 2019

ADSR UNO Synth Presets Now Available

New sounds from an acclaimed sound design company bring new life to UNO Synth

Attention UNO Synth users!  Not only have we added a new member to the UNO family (UNO Drum) but we keep adding more UNO Synth presets from some of the best sound designers around!  A new set of UNO Synth patches made by ADSR Sounds is available now for download.  This new-age urban / trap / hip-hop inspired pack includes a full bank of 80 presets ranging from classic basses, contemporary leads & arpeggios, and more.

Watch ADSR’s video that featured their Top 5 Things They Like About UNO Synth:

To get your ADSR UNO Synth Presets:

  1. Download your signature artist presets from Download Resources in My Products under UNO Synth
  2. Extract your downloaded files to your system
  3. Open UNO Synth Editor and click on PRESETS
  4. Drag and drop the preset folder to the Category window
  5. Once imported, click on TO HW to copy some or all presets to your UNO Synth
  6. Click on SEND to write the presets to your UNO Synth

To fully connect your UNO Synth with the UNO Synth Editor you must be on the latest firmware version. Download this firmware here.

All factory presets can be found in your ‘Download Resources‘ section for UNO Synth in your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account.

Join the UNO family by purchasing your very own UNO Synth now!  Learn more here.

June 21, 2019

The Word Is In On UNO Drum! Check out some brand new first impression & unboxing videos of UNO Drum!

UNO Drum is finally here, and everyone from pros to home users are sharing their reactions and creations online.  We rounded up our favorite videos into a new YouTube playlist, to make it easy for you to find them in one place.

Check out the newest first impression & unboxing videos of the new UNO Drum, the ultimate beat creation system from IK. BoBeats, SynthMania, Doctor Mix and more showed some of what they like about UNO Drum and how easy it is to get started right out of the box.

Click Here for the full list of videos or watch some of the most popular UNO Drum videos below:

Doctor Mix



Emlyn In The Mix

The Sound Test Room

Check out the rest of the UNO Drum Community & Media Playlist on Youtube

June 20, 2019

Sound on Sound: “AXE I/O represents exceptional value”

“A well-designed, clean sounding, guitar-friendly interface”

Sound on Sound‘s editor-in-chief, Paul White, has been getting up close and personal with the new AXE I/O. He was impressed by its design, audio quality, guitar friendliness and its great included software bundle.

Here are some of Paul’s comments:

“The overall tech spec is impressive, with a quoted 117dB dynamic range and a 3Hz-32kHz frequency response, through 24-bit low-jitter converters at up to 192kHz sample rates.”

“When re-amping, the ground isolation of the amp output really helps, as a clean recording can be played back via the amp out jack and then fed to an amplifier or chain of pedals without provoking ground-loop induced hum.”

“As a straightforward interface, AXE I/O sounds very clean both for playback and for recording.”

“The Z-Tone knob gradually darkens the sound as the impedance is lowered – sometimes lowering it just a small way from maximum helps take away the brittle edge from some guitars.”

“Using the included AmpliTube, you can recreate a wide range of classic guitar sounds without ever turning on an amplifier while the T-Racks studio processors are good to have on your side during a mix. The free Lite version of Ableton’s Live is also a great way to get into composing.”

“AmpliTube Presets and the controls of software rigs can be accessed using the input knob rather than a mouse: push and turn the knob to select and load presets, with the option to assign the knob to any parameter as required.”

Paul’s final verdict is:

“All in all, the Axe l/O represents exceptional value as you get a well-designed, clean-sounding, guitar-friendly interface along with a very serious bundle of software.”

Key Plusses -+ Easy to use
+ Clean signal path with good ground-loop isolation where needed
+ Generous pack of bundled software

Visit Sound on Sound
Learn more about AXE I/O

June 13, 2019

MusicTech: “iKlip 3 Deluxe could make your life significantly easier”

“This could be a tremendous asset”

MusicTech has been taking a close look at iKlip 3 Deluxe, courtesy of editor, Will Betts.
Here are some of his key comments:

“The iKlip 3 is an update to the company’s successful iKlip Xpand mic-stand support for tablets. The design means it can be mounted quickly and securely to the boom arm in front of a singer, or on the upright of a mic stand, either on the front (for effects) or out to the side (for sheet music).”

“iKlip 3’s main new feature is a new quick-locking reorientation function that’s achieved with a pull-and-twist motion. The mechanics of this are really quite clever.

“It gets you from portrait to landscape, or thereabouts, in a blink. In theory, there’s no screwing or unscrewing required to change orientation, just a pull and twist.”

“When fully tightened, the ball-and-socket joint holds the tablet bracket sturdily, with no noticeable sag.”

“The new tablet bracket is certainly an improvement on the previous design. The new design has two, large rubberised inserts for gripping your tablet and these are glued securely in place, preventing scuffs.”

Will’s final verdict is:

“If you’re a performer making use of a tablet on stage, then the new quick-lock reorientation function could make it a worthy upgrade. Equally, if you’re using tablets in the studio for lyrics as well as control over personal monitoring, this could be a tremendous asset.”

Read the full review on MusicTech
Learn more about iKlip 3 Deluxe

June 13, 2019

Spotify Studios and sE Electronics

With over 100 million users worldwide, Spotify is a household name in just about every country in the world. Their NYC offices are home to the world-class Spotify Studios, which has produced hundreds of recordings over the last several years for the Spotify Singles series, with artists ranging from John Legend to Sting, Miley Cyrus to Maggie Rogers, Ed Sheeran to Tony Bennett – the list goes on, with over 1.5 billion streams to date.

In 2018, Spotify Studios’ mic locker was upgraded with a large assortment of mics from sE Electronics, including the entire sE / Rupert Neve Signature Series. In these videos, Chief Engineer William Garrett sits down with us to discuss his recording philosophies, and how sE microphones are utilized to achieve the studio’s musical pursuits.


June 6, 2019

DJ Mag on UNO Synth: “A wicked sounding analog synth”

“The UNO is a very capable synth that sits perfectly in any DJ/producer’s studio”

DJ Mag has been taking a close look at UNO Synth, courtesy of tech editor Mick Wilson. He was immediately impressed by its sound quality and programmability.

Here are some of his key comments:

“It’s a true analogue beast, and behind the all-plastic casing, there’s a true monster sound.”

“The sound – which is probably the most important factor – is incredibly good.”

 “When fired up, the UNO sounds pretty impressive and covers a surprisingly large range of sounds with aplomb – the 100 presets do a good job in showcasing what the synth is all about, from deep dirty basses to gritty top leads.”

“Getting results is easy and quick, especially when using the cutoff knob – a standard go-to for instant sound-shaping gratification.”

“The fact that the editor can be used on iOS devices is great as the UNO can also be powered by batteries, making it a very compact and portable synth.”

“The keyboard can be used to program the built-in sequencer, in real-time or step-time modes. For something so small and compact we have to say the synth really is feature rich.”

Mick’s final verdict is:

“The UNO is a very capable synth that would sit perfectly in any DJ/producer’s studio – we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to get into the world of hardware analogue synths.”

Final Score:
9/10 – Ease of Use
9/10 – Features
9/10 – Value for Money
9/10 – Sound quality

Visit DJ Mag
Learn more about UNO Synth

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