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Watch demos of 4 amazing IK apps!

AmpliTube, iGrand Piano, SampleTank and VocaLive on iPad mini

Sit back, turn up the volume, and watch AmpliTube, iGrand Piano, SampleTank and VocaLive in action on the iPad mini. See for yourself the many the possibilities using IK music apps and the new iPad mini.

iGrand Piano for iPad amazes by playing Mozart’s K545 Piano Sonata with its many gorgeous sounding, true-stereo, multisampled pianos like the Grand Piano, Classical Octave Piano and Rich Upright Piano. In the end you can even see the large visual metronome display along with its audio click when the tempo is adjusted.

In AmpliTube for iPad, tweaking around the Fender® Twin Reverb amp and adding a bit of Phazer and Chorus is done in a breeze. After, watch the difference when the Soldano amp is cranked up with a different mic and T-Rex Moller, Flanger, Delay effects are added.

In SampleTank for iPad there are hundreds of pro-quality sounds and patterns to choose from so this demo shows you some of the cool ones like: West Coast Kit and Old School Kit in the Hip Hop category. Watch how easily you can browse, pick, load sounds and patterns.

In VocaLive for iPad see how the presets are switched around to get different textures and effects on a female vocalist singing acapella. Notice the difference when using the Arena preset versus Harmony in different octaves.

The sonic possibilities are endless! Download the free or full versions and see for yourself!

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