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The M-Audio Fast Track C-Series

Transform your ideas into professional-quality music with two new interfaces and Pro Tools MP music creation systems.

The original, best-selling* M-Audio Fast Track recording interfaces set the standard for quality and ease of use. Now the new Fast Track C-series audio interfaces make it simpler than ever to transform your ideas into professional-quality music. Get the Fast Track C600 or C400 bundled with industry-leading Pro Tools MP recording software—or buy the interfaces separately for use with your favorite software.

With Fast Track C600 and C400, top-panel controls make it easy to stay in the creative flow. You’ll capture amazing performances with built-in reverb and delay effects, sound incredible with an all-new signal path, and easily check your mixes on multiple sets of speakers using the built-in monitor management system. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to record with your favorite music software—including Pro Tools. Fast Track C-series interfaces give you the freedom to make music at the speed of your creativity.

* Source: MI SalesTrak® reports (January 2008 – January 2011).

  • Fast Track C600 - Next-Generation 6×8 Recording Interface with DSP
  • Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C600 - High-Performance 6×8 Pro Tools MP Studio Bundle
  • Fast Track C400 - Next-Generation 4×6 Recording Interface with DSP
  • Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C400 - High-Performance 4×6 Pro Tools MP Studio Bundle

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