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Sound And Music support policy

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Sound & Music offer end user support in a variety of ways

We look forward to attending to all your service issues promptly and efficiently. In order to ensure our service is of the highest quality, please adhere to the following return policy outlined below.

First port of call

You should always refer your initial technical support enquiry to the dealer you purchased the product from. All our authorized dealers are experienced professionals and will more than likely offer you excellent advise to help you with your problem.

Telephone Support

If users of products distributed by Sound & Music are referred by the local dealer to us for issues that cannot be resolved, one of our technical support staff will be glad to help assist in solving your problem under the following conditions:

  • All product must be purchased from one of authorized dealers and originally provided by Sound & Music.
  • All telephone calls for customer support must be incoming at the cost of the caller requesting support.
  • Product support is for the product in question only. Other peripherals or third party product support is the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor of the product.
  • Our technical support staff will provide all necessary support for physical installation and configuration to get you up and running, however tutorial information is not provided. If you need lessons, please contact your local dealer whom may be able to provide you details of a local school or trainer.
  • Depending on the type of technical support required, Sound & Music reserve the right to refer dealers and or customers to the original manufacturer to obtain support. This option can often provide the quickest and easiest solution for customers in certain circumstances.

Warranty Claims & Returns

With the exception of AVID products (AVID, Digidesign, Pro Tools, M-Audio, Euphonix, and Sibelius), all claims for warranty, service or credit must be authorised by ‘Sound & Music’ prior to return.

AVID product returns must be accompanied by an “RA#” (Return Authorization Number) RA# authorised by AVID. Sound & Music can obtain the required AVID RA# on the customer or dealers behalf, however it is up to AVID to provide approval for all returns and claims.

All other authorisations are issued directly by Sound & Music and must be obtained by completing and sending the SM RA request form to the Sound & Music service manager.  You can download the form here: SM RA Request Form. Your request will be evaluated by our service department and you will be notified how to proceed. If successful, a “RA#” number for your case will be generated for record keeping and tracking purposes. All goods returned must be clearly labeled with the “RA#” associated with the returned goods. Software is non returnable once the seal on the packaging has been broken or the product registered.

Note: Goods will not be accepted by ‘Sound & Music’ if there is no “RA#” attached. Freight charges for product returns are the responsibility of the returning party.

Step By Step:

  1. Download the SM RA Request Form. Complete and return the form to Sound & Music. You will notified as to the initial evaluation status of your claim and whether or not the product will be issued a valid “RA#” number for further investigation and processing.
  2. If an “RA#” number was issued, please pack your unit in original packaging with all original components (Power supply, manual, midi leads etc). Ensure original packaging is also wrapped in additional double packing (bubble wrap or additional cardboard etc) as to not damage the original packaging.
  3. Mark goods “Attention Service Department” with the “RA#” clearly visible on the external packaging and address label. Please Click Here for our address details.
  4. Include paperwork describing fault, “RA#”, contact telephone and return address details.
  5. We advise you return goods with a reputable courier company or Australia Post “Registered Mail” as you will be provided options to insure your goods during transit. It will also mean that you can request receipt of delivery at our end. This covers you incase of damage and/or loss during transit. ‘Sound & Music’ will not be held accountable for lost or damaged goods in transit.